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Voice Actor Appreciation


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Because they so rarely get the recognition they deserve.

This is the first in a series of "Voice Actor Tribute" videos I hope to make. I enjoy following voice actors' careers and finding out just how many of my favorite games and shows they've been involved in. There's a lot of under-praised talent working in this field and I hope this kind of video exposes them a little further.


So enjoy this first video in the series, discuss your favorite voice actors and, if you like, make such a video of your own. There are far too many actors for me to cover. :<

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Dominic Aramato is amazing.

Haha, yes! When you lend your voice to a Monkey Island 5 practical joke, your coolness goes up 200%.

Jim Cummings is the fucking man. I think he's voiced at least one character in every cartoon show I've ever watched. I think I do a pretty good imitation of his Robotnik.

Tara Strong has had a very good career, as well.

P.S. That show hasn't been called "Grim & Evil" for years.

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The entire cast of Simpsons and Futurama are definitely voice actors whom I follow. They are fine actors indeed.

Depends on whether you consider "fine" to be developing a single role very strongly or working on a variety of characters and contexts. If the former, sure. If the latter, not really (Dan Castellaneta and John DiMaggio are the only ones from that group who I would say fit that description).

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Voice acting would be one of the most awesome careers ever.

"What do you do?"

"Have you ever seen *show*?"


"I'm *character*"

AWESOME, right?

Some of my favorites are Cree Summer, Richard Horvitz (Zim, Billy, the robot from Power Rangers), and basically everyone from The Simpsons.

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You would never believe that he was behind that evil corporate head in Full Throttle.

Once I discovered he was The Joker (and IMO he was closer to the concept that Nicholson) I will believe anything about that man.

Billy West is incredible.

My friend thinks he's trying to sound like Phil Hartman (old Troy McClure) as Zap. Thoughts?

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Mark Hamill, I've rarely seen that guy get appreciated for his voice work and I've always thought he was pretty good. Always loved Tara Strong's and John Di Maggio's stuff too.

Who would've ever thought that such a terrible actor would be such an amazing voice actor? He's in such a weird variety of stuff too. Everything from Batman The Animated Series to Metalocalypse, and movies like Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and video games like Call of Duty 2.

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Voice acting... ahhh.. always been one my main interests since childhood. I have no idea what's the magic behind voice acting. Maybe its breathing life into these cartoon characters. And compared to real acting its somehow more off-the-top and plain awesome. And yeah I'm quite sure it serves as great therapy. "Go into that booth, put the headphones on and act out this zombie-pirate. NOW!"

As for favorites :

The late great ROY CONRAD - Ben in Full Throttle, enough said. That voice just haunts me. Dang, I grew up with that stuff.. Someone already mentioned Mark Hamill, I'm also really surprised of his greatness on this particular field - you can't top Adrian Ripburger. Dominic Armato and I have to say Earl Boen, the guy who plays Dr. Silberman in Terminator2&3, but most of all Le Chuck.. awesome voice. Monkey Island 3 for life. Gotta say Jon St. John just because he is Duke Nukem. Oh yeah and that guy who does Max Payne is also great, don't know who the heck he is. For some reason I really like these deep, macho bullshit male voices. Creepy, I know. And I'm quite surprised all of these are from videogames instead of cartoons.

So just to get one cartoon in there I must say Alan Oppenheimer: SKELETOR. Oh yeahh...

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the dude who did vegeta first in dbz

Brian Drunnond. Talk about energy. Kirby Morrow was the first Goku.


Whether or not Crispin Freeman's a douche in real life or not doesn't change the fact that he has a surprising range and a cool voice.

Kari Wahlgren is also one with amazing range, like Tara Strong.

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