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Mega Man 9


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I wonder if they'd include the charged arm cannon, slide, or even Rush.

...I loved Rush... :-(

They'd better, to all three!

EDIT: I'd imagine we'd get R-Coil for sure, but it'll be interesting to see what other abilities Rush will have.

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I guess this new info means it's not coming out for PS3 and the 360, like the earlier rumors suggested?
Official details were first confirmed via Nintendo Power, revealing that the title will be appearing on the Wii's WiiWare service. It is also slated to release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network services

Seems like it will

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plugman ftw. No cutscenes, no Bass, no Beat, no Duo PLEASE.

With Injin on this one. Hell yes, Beat. Beat was around in the NES days, he has every right to be here for this. Also? If he's not, don't cry about not being saved about dying in a bottomless hole. XD

I kid, I kid.

Also, I'd submit: Yes to Bass too, because I actually like Bass and am constantly amused by his failures to defeat Mega Man.

That being said, I DO agree about NO DUO. Nothing from Mega Man 8 should even see the light of day again in the Classic Series. EVER.

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