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Catchiest MIDI ever!


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This is IT.

This is what music looks like for me.

Well pretty much, anyway. The hexagon (linked cells) sections when I'm passive, and sometimes the pianorolls if I focus hard enough. Not quite has accurate.

Btw, very trippy to hear a song and "see it" and see it at the same tim so that you "hear it".

My brain may be overloading.

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I can has downloadable version? This is awesome.


From virt's site. Has all the "kwakfest" contest entries including his. However, virt has upped the quality of the version playing in that video, 'cause the one in this zip is the original version.

Oh well, we can always wait for his CD. :)

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This song was written from beginning to end in 55 minutes, because I really had to pee.

My old joke-band, Math Blaster wrote one of our greatest "hits" this way, except it took us about 4 minutes. Coincidentally, the song was about having to pee really bad.

But seriously... this Kwakfest thing sounds kinda nifty. I don't go into the Compo forum often enough to know if we're already doing something like this (I always forget it's there), but if we aren't, I'd be really interested in getting something like this started with the OCR community. Sometimes my best stuff comes when I'm pressed for time and I have to do it quickly.

Also, this song is like funky sex.

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