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Have you ever cried because a song was THAT good?


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^ "Secret of the Forest" brought a tear out of my eye when I first played it during the wee hours of a humid, rainy night in May. Also, because I live in a woodsy area (that describes 90% of MI), it's the voice of the environment. I play this so that I can rest during the night.

Thin Crust is just doing that thing some religious people do. They have to mention their religion whenever they can for some reason, whether they realize it's appropriate to do so or not. It may be relevant in that music had made him cry, but he didn't meed to tell us it was because of his religion (which may be the basis for how he was moved or not).

He could have just cited the titles of certain songs, or even just said "a few songs I heard in church", but instead, he had to announce it first.

As for the topic, no. I'm dead inside, obviously.

Get off of his case.

Who's in the house? J.C.!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROb65f4POHk

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While I've never cried from a song, I came kinda close when I watched the intro to FF10, with Uematsu's "Zanarkand" playing in the background.

Hell, Uematsu has, IMHO, the most moving style I've ever heard. The fact he can apply his skill to practically any genre is another thing.

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This song makes me want to do just that



I... seriously...



Symphony X playing over a video of a lightsaber-whip weilding Jean Reno who motorcycle-jumping onto a pirate ship, whist a skydiving ninja does battle with dragons, demon samurai, and other mosters who are apparently bloodthirsty for modern professional women and middle-class white suburbia?

Holy fuck.

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1. Appalachian Spring, by Aaron Copland. But it has to be the fully orchestrated, full ballet version, not the medley suite version most people know. There is a big damn difference. I first heard this piece on a plane from Denver to Dallas. There's this moment right at the beginning where the winds are building on these add9/sus4+4 (or something) cluster chords and there's some solo violins drifting over the top... I was visibly weeping in my coach class seat. As soon as we landed I bought the CD. That was about ten years ago and it's one of my favorite recordings still.

Please tell me what recording this is! I have a 35-minute version of Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Fran Symphony doing it, but I'm not sure if it's the right arrangement. I am a sucker for Copland and his harmonic style. <3 4ths

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Hey the guy that sent me the PM, I replied, Also... for those who haven't heard the track, it's already on Youtube, but the actual song sounds better than there...

Silent Hill: HC - The Sacred Line


Oh my god that's beautiful ;__;. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has the voice of an angel.

Oh! I forgot - the "Pray" music from Earthbound.

All the Mr. Saturns of the world felt a strange, new feeling and prayed sincerely for the fate of Ness and his friends.

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Also, the song "You Never Know" by Immortal Technique. That song leaves you feeling really heavy.

Awww how could I forget this one? It didn't make me cry either, it just really makes you think. Its placement in the CD as being the second to last song also helps it have such an impact on you: up until this point the CD's been a flurry lot of political, controversial, and violent material, and you're expecting the CD to end that way. The man's an angry man, and you get that, and you think it's gonna end that way.

Then BAM, the slow beat comes on, with a somber melody and you realize, "this guy's got a soft side" and it just hits you. Really good song, but on the long side of rap songs.

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I'm sure some of these have been mentioned, but anyway, I think I've only been moved to tears twice:

Nimrod, by Elgar

Caccia and Chorale by Clifton Williams

Other pieces have come close, like Rachmaninov's Vespers and parts of Tchaikovsky's 6th. There are some video game moments too but I'm not really counting those because the music can't do it on it's own.

EDIT: Might as well go ahead and list them though. I cried at the end of Chrono Cross and at several spots in the first two Suikoden games. I cried when Aeris died and when Tassadar died (I was pretty young for both of these but still). Also, Pan's Labyrinth (most recently) made me cry and so did West Side Story.

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OH, and to top out the nerdometer, I totally teared up when I hear "Arrival at Earth" from the Transformers Score. When I saw the movie for the first time, I was utterly ignoring the actual movie. I had my eyes closed, totally locked into that piece of music. Beautiful.

Quoted from page 3. Love that soundtrack.


To contribute, Blue Man Group's Exhibit 13:


Very emotional for a rather minimalist piece.

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