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This is awesome.

Love the build-up. Get suprised by the theme that pops up just like that.

Reeeally good guitarwork. Tight as hell.

Very nice moove with the synths at 2.38.

2.57 just hit me in the belly of awesomeness aswell.

The fadeout felt natural. No probs at all.

You've just entered my toplist with this one po!

Amazing work. Can't wait for more!

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hey - not all of his music is demented and crazy ...i think - heh

and i wasn't saying that this sounded like that at all - it's a totally fresh and laidback take with similar use of instrumentation (eccentric electronic sounds, breakbeatish changing/improvising drums, funky bass, and jazzy elements (nylon guitar)) - i think it's genius and masterfully done

if it wasn't intentional you should check out more of his stuff

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Wow! Amazing mix. I don't know what I was expecting but it is nothing like the other Castlevania ReMixes I've heard, in a great way. Excellent guitar work, fantastic rhythm, and such a catchy tune!

po!, do you have any other ReMixes or original music in the same acoustically delightful genre?

I wonder what would the line-up of Capcom vs. Konami look like...

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This is the kind of music i'd want to have playing in my super upscale bar that i'd never open. It just exudes sophistication. The sound is amazingly clean and tight, and the rhythmic choices are excellent and varied. I love the busy kicks and that bassline walks just about everywhere. Easily the freshest take i've heard on this theme in a long time.

The subtle wah'ed guitar and the overall panning give a great soundfield with a lot of subdued elements to latch onto. You could listen to this 10 times and focus on a different interesting element each time. Seeing something like this live would be completely nuts. 1Ups, make it happen!

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I'm more into old school DnB and Glitch, It's not bad just dosen't feel Castlevania for me though then again anything thats been Techno/Electronica in ACTUAL Castlevania games isn't very good. I didn't mind the acoustic part kinda reminds me of a Super Mario mix on the site you should look it up XD it's not bad just one oppion on the other side of the chain.

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Rad stuff. The breakbeat-ish drums add something new to the usual po! smoothness, and it fits well. The only part where it goes overboard IMO is the moment just before 2:00.

Love the nylon guitar, as it adds a certain latin element to the mix.

Now that I think of it, this remix would fit into a Ridge Racer game, especially RR Type 4, perfectly. Considering that RRT4's soundtrack is one of my all-time favourites, this should say a lot about how good I think this is.

Now take the Sagat part and make it into its own mix. Go, po!

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