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OCR01028 - Super Metroid "Norfair (Frailty Awaiting)"

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I don't know how the judges complain so much about Graylightning's Drifting Towards the Stars "not going anywhere" and then have no problem passing this one. Maybe they learned what ambient music *is* since then. Or maybe DJP just decided passing along their biased genre-based bishin' in a writeup once was enough.

In any case, this is pretty schweet 8) I agree it would work really well for a modern Metroid game, and probably better than anything Nintendo would come up with, but still there could've been more variety. Of course, if it really *was* for use as background music in a Metroid game, too much variety would just be distracting, and sometimes ambient music can get by with even less variety than this, but in this case, it leaves a little something to be desired. Maybe some more real-world sound effects, changes in the atmosphere, or even more music in general woulda done it some good.

This reminds me of the ICO soundtrack btw :)

7.5 nice works out of 10! (Might've been 8+ for anyone else, but I know you can do better!)

:nicework::nicework::nicework::nicework::nicework::nicework::nicework: .5

Edit: D'oh, miscounted my Nice Works!

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Niiiiice. Really diggin' this.

If you're the sort of person who refers to Silent Hill's soundtrack as "music" (with the condescending quotes) then this probably won't appeal to you, but otherwise this is a pretty groovy track.

I think it would have been neat to have more development of timbres- or just more development of ideas in general- but even so, this is a cool piece.

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I had been waiting for more Super Metroid stuff by CotMM, but this doesn't impress very much at all. The first time I listened to it, I barely heard anything, so I listened to it a second time and heard more, but still didn't like it very much. I really liked the Search for Cheryl remix and Silent Hill's music in general, but this doesn't do anything for me. It's hard to pick out the original melodies, and there isn't enough of Ridley's theme in it. Mazedude's Norfair remix is a lot cooler and a lot easier to listen to. Only worth getting if you're really into ambience.

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can we please not use this review thread to attack the judges? if you want to know why this passed and GL's mix did not, ask us. not here.

This is really good stuff. i like matt's maridia mix a bit more, but this is destinctly moody and dark. in the spaces which many of you refer to as "dull" there is a subtle expression of desolation, despair, and death. if you dont like minimalist ambience, fine, go listen to techno; there's plenty to choose from. but dont complain about this well-produced piece because it's not busy enough for you.

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Well, it certainly is different. I recommend it only if you are in the mood for something ambient. I'd say the mood definitely fits with Upper Norfair, but not Lower Norfair (Ridley's Lair). In the upcoming Metroid game (Metroid Prime 2), if they have Magmoor Caverns (Which is basically Norfair) all cooled out without enemies, this remix would definitely work for it. :D Nice originality.

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can we please not use this review thread to attack the judges? if you want to know why this passed and GL's mix did not, ask us. not here.

This is really good stuff. i like matt's maridia mix a bit more, but this is destinctly moody and dark. in the spaces which many of you refer to as "dull" there is a subtle expression of desolation, despair, and death. if you dont like minimalist ambience, fine, go listen to techno; there's plenty to choose from. but dont complain about this well-produced piece because it's not busy enough for you.

That's funny Vigilante, I don't seem to see any "judge attacks" going on here. Who is "GL", anyway? It just seems to me like the song is very hard to appreciate. I've heard minimalist/ambient songs that I've enjoyed much more than this. If you ask me, CotMM could probably have spent more time developing this. I enjoyed his Maridia song about 100 times as much. This just doesn't meet up to my expectations of him.

I would not recommend this song to anyone, ambient fans or not.

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It kinda lacked ' Theme ', which is a VERY important part of any game piece. It was definitely finely done, and would make a nice pre-climax scarey movie ambience ( which, I hope, was the desired affect ).

Remixes of the ' Zelda Theme ' are highly memorable, but this remix is on the other end of the spectrum ( I could never remember this song ). Part of the problem, is the lack of a distinguishable melody.

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Either you hate it or love it..I'm one thats a part of the latter category.

This literally fits just right for Metroid,there's alot of tension.Plus the fact you're all alone in your quest.So you never know what could happen next.

The song makes it seem like a dark place where you can only get by the sounds..great work on this tune.

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I thought it was rather enjoyable. It reminded me of the Myst soundtracks (which I enjoy), only with a darker tone, and it does seem to fit Norfair rather well. The only things I didn't particularly like were how the melodic parts reminded me more of the intro to the Battle with Magus theme than anything from Super Metroid (I guess I need to hear the original again), and the way it suddenly gets quieter around 3:40 is kinda strange since it almost sounds like it's fading out but it still keeps going for more than a minute afterward. Otherwise, it's a nice listen.

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I really didn't expect this track to gather so much attention. (:

For those who don't check out ID3v2 tags, this started out as a concept

track for Protricity's Super Metroid super megahuge mix project. However

early on in the development it was made clear to me that this was almost

the complete antithesis of what he wanted. Norfair 1 was hot and violent,

my concept was the effect of that world on it's viewer: a shrinking away

from reality, of sorts... Detaching from one's self as you realize the futility

of escape (unless of course you're Samas Aran, but if we were all

super hero women with bitchen space suits then the whole thing would

be moot).

I was really glad to see people accepting GreyLightning's track just a

short while ago. I think there's a serious lack of ambient/soundscape

type stuff on OCR. I feel as though people see OCR as a bunch of 'techno'

remixes. Of course not EVERYONE, but enough that it's might not be the

image we want people to get. I hope that tracks like this one

(a more extreme case of minimalism, possibly even treading into the

so-called "lowercase" genre) and like GreyLightning's "Drifting Toward the

Stars" will show that we're open to more than four on the floor fluff.

I really didn't want this track to be my first track after almost 7 months of

not having anything for submition to OCR, however with the way things

had been going in my life I knew that if I wanted to wait to release any

of my other works in progress first, this track would then have been

waiting for at least another 4 or 5 months, easily. The few other remixes

that I've squeeked out this year were to satisfy the ambient kick I get

on every now and then. Don't expect to be seeing my 8+ minute

Xenogears ambient track on OCR anytime in the near future. (:

Thanks to all who listened. Hope not too many of you sat down for an

intense listen with your full attention on the track. From the very get go

I wanted this to be an 'afterthought'... something just soft enough to

let you know it was there and let your mind interpret the rest. I found

while listening to the original at softer levels, while doing something

else, such as reading or chatting, that I thought I was hearing more to

the song then was actually there. The slightest hints of melody, moving

counter melodies and harmonies... Things I knew for a fact were not

there in that SPC. I wanted to capture that feeling of something ephemeral

and just below the surface. I'm not sure I fully realized my goal, but I'm

pretty picky about my own stuff. I'm sure at least a few of you got the

sensation I was going for. A few people I talked to early on even picked

out the exact imagry I was going for (check the ID3v2 for more details),

so that left me pretty satisfied with the end result.

Unrelated side note: Septic Dreams is still on schedule for a Winter 2003

release. This is of course subject to change, so don't hold me to that,

but for those of you who have been waiting patiently, keep your hopes up.

At over an hour long, a mix of ambient and industrial, I think you'll

be pleased with the end result.

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His ambient Chrono mix is ten times better than this. I agree with Prophecy, except it sounds like four to five notes repeating over and over again instead of one. I can't believe I am saying this, but I'd really like to see this get on if no one knew about CotMM. I know I shouldn't be talking like that here, but I like to talk a lot and my post seemed like it needed something more, kinda like this song.

Certain seconds would fit with metroid, however; mainly the parts with the slight percussion.

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:twisted: thats what i think about this song :mrgreen: which an't bad but is it a song or a bgm??? :whatevaa: this makes me wonnder!!!! :banghead: and i just can't figure it out even after playing 10 times in a row :sleepdepriv: well i think it should be in Freddy Vs Jason 2 or something cause that song alone would make the movie Scary as freaking :vomit: hmm..... i just don't know this song is freaking out my Brain :cry: won't it stop!!! the song echo's in my head as if i where in metroid all alone in a dark room :puppyeyes: with demons from every game and anime i can think of just wanting to eat me!! 8O ok well i think i am freaked out enough i'm going to run now :arrow: bye bye!!!! :tomatoface:shidoweb.jpg
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I'll go ahead and say I don't like much ambience. Rarely do I find a minimalistic piece I find enjoyable. Perahaps I feel that the large gaps of space between "notes" on your typical piece distracts from the structure of the song and weakens the impact of the whole. But that's just me. In recent memory, I'd have to say that my favorite minimalistic track is the Dungeon theme from Zelda: Wind Waker, and even that loses impact when taken apart from the game. So past all that, I guess it won't come as surprise that I didn't enjoy this ReMix one bit. I've heard very similar combinations of sounds several times applied elsewhere, and without any melody to fall back on, it seems to slip into obscurity and redundancy. When creating a minimalistic song, the choice of samples, and the meticulous application of them to define the mood, is the keystone. I didn't find this apparent in the ReMix in question.

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Very interesting. It is a very similar style to many of CotMM's works, but still conveys it's own individuality. I believe that this is music on the verge of a painting.

:roll: Uh... i'll explain that. Here's how I see it. If Picasso were here today and logged onto ocremix.org (highly improbable, but you get the picture), he would be proud. The sound seems to bleed out of my speakers and into my ears and gives me the feeling that I AM Samus, alone, far away in space with no company but the scanner in my visor and constantly on the lookout for the unexpected. While not the best music to play Soul Caluber 2 to (okay not at all fighting music :) ), this definitely fits the feel of the Metroid series.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01028 - Super Metroid "Norfair (Frailty Awaiting)"

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