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VG Opinion Poll #7


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You would think I'd have asked this question already:

Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #7

Assuming that you visit OCR for the music and not just the forums, what is the main reason you download a ReMix?

a) the source game

B) the genre

c) the remixer

d) it's random

e) I download it all!

Vote and be heard!

Results in a week or so. PM me if you have questions or ideas.

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E. Definitely.

Getting an MP3 player and just downloading the torrent to random play all of OCR was probably the best decision I ever made music-wise. Before then, I'd usually go from a game I knew, to the remixer, and possibly to other games I knew, but I'd never really branch out that much. Now, though, I know how much I missed by doing that. KF

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Honestly, D.

I mostly download from the source, because some of the games I've listened to I've never heard of, so I don't really have that warm fuzzy feeling I got from when I heard the original song.

Most of the mixes are from games that I didn't grow up with, or didn't hear of. Back when I was like 6 or 7 is when I started playing Super Nintendo, and was a die hard Nintendo fan. I wouldn't play anything else, mostly because I didn't own anything else.

But I grew out of that, thanks to the Sonic The Hedgehog comics, and finally getting a PC back in 98.

And the Dreamcast. I still have to find one of those. God I love that system for some reason.

And now, I am SOOOOOOOO off topic.

Sorry.... :oops:

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