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The Old Fogies From UnMod Thread

Bagel Fuzzynuts

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  • 2 weeks later...
So, despite so few posts on my part, I have a vivid recollection of a lot of things that happened during the UnMod/GenDisc days of yesteryear. Fortunately, I had managed to forget the one, scarring memory of that time: Bagel's penis.

This thread has changed that forever. Fuck you all.

Don't forget Gorveg's ugly face.

But bagel's penii were pretty funny.

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And I was really hoping that I would never open the wounds that Bagel's wang had inflicted :cry:

The bagelwang's love is many things, but gentle it has never been. It gives pleasure and pain at the same time. Much like Goatse, it repulses and fascinates. Much like tubgirl, it induces nausea as much as it arouses.

The wang is a symbol, it represents the internet, sick, twisted, natural, beautiful, and smaller than you would expect, but big enough to please.

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