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OCR01075 - Hitman: Codename 47 "Chained to a Barcode"


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Heh. Listening to this the first time brought to mind a weird combination of Myst and Deus Ex... JC shooting up Atrus's library, anyone? That said, I rather like this one. Lots of rich patterns here, hard to predict where it's heading next, in a good way. The voice sample works, sorta. It's too loud, I'd rather listen to the piano. It really jumps out at you. But it doesn't take too much away from the rest of the mix, which is above average and definately worth a listen. I'd give it, oh... 6.5, bordering towards 7, out of 10.

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I liked this mix very much. I like to hear the use of classical instruments turned electronic (Deadly Avenger is a good artist for this sort of thing, if anyone's interested. Picked up the CD "Deep Red" last weekend). Very cool.

The voice over would've worked better at the start, I think, and perhaps a more intense beat would've been good. Overall, a good mix. I'd give it about a 7/10.

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The voice over would've worked better at the start, I think

Agreed--or maybe at the very end, over silence, so I could edit the MP3, snip it off, and keep the rest of the awesome instrumentation. ;)

I've taken a liking to Rayagon's style since first hearing him over at VGMix, and this one is more of that similarly-styled goodness. Great hybrid of slow orchestral elements, energetic piano, and trippy electronic percussion. Rayagon loves his reverb, and it sounds good with a song of this style.

One thing--I believe I noticed a bit of clipping around 1:17, possibly slightly before and after too--my speakers, or is it real?

Anyway, good stuff.

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I liked that remix. The tune has a sad note to it, but also has a nice smooth pace, and nothing really seems out of place even though it keeps changing :D .

That voice though, I think it was a nice touch personally. Where is that quote from? I never actually played that game, so bear with me. :roll:

Anyway, keep up the good work! It's nice to hear good quality remixes on the site ;)

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I guess I stand alone when I say I actually liked 47's dialog at the end. However, when putting the song on "repeat" to listen to it while, say, browsing around the internet or what have you, the endless loops of the dialog can try your patience...maybe there should have been dialog and non-dialog versions, perhaps? :) I just wish there were more Hitman remixes--I love it, especially Silent Assassin's soundtrack (done by Jesper Kyd who also composed the Freedom Fighters score...I think.) Great remix, this one is.

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Hi bluestune_1981,

my english is bad 2 but i think he says someting like

I'm a killer, and I always have been.

They say once you taste blood, it changes you forever.

I wouldn't know 'cause

it's been a part of my diet since day one.

What is worth killing for, you might ask?

I wouldn't know 'cause

I've never had any other choice.

I have always followed orders

And taking another mens life

All I can say is that

It's both easier and more difficult than you might imagine.

This remix is spectacular i'd like to hear some more Hitman remixes from you Rayagon

Wonderful site some real nice music y the hell haven't i visited this site earlier :D

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Pretty nice blend of tech elements and orchestra, I liked how you had a decent amount of synths in there, it made it the mix unique to the few other mixes in this genre. The beat was a bit scattered, but overall things worked pretty well.

That oboe at the beginning sounded almost exactly like the oboe sample in Chrono Cross. Kind of crazy; even the melody was similar. :-D

Pretty crazy piano comping near the end, sounds great but i'm not sure how realistic it is.

Ending wasn't too enjoyable for me. the voice sample was a bit loud, and after that there wasnt a proper resolution, just a half fade out.

Overall pretty decent.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01075 - Hitman: Codename 47 "Chained to a Barcode"

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