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That stupid smirk


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For some reason, there was an epidemic among American boxart designers throughout the early 90's which caused characters to have that "I just fucked your wife" smirk applied to their face.

Classic example, the americanized Sonic 1 boxart:


Once Capcom were done having well-built men in their 30s figure as Mega Man, they decided to give him the same treatment:


Wonderboy in Monster World appears to have the same mischievous tone mixed with a healthy dose of cocaine:


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I don't see a smirk here:


I see homicidal rage.

That octopus is fucking smirking. Look closely at the shading; as he's grabbing the barbarian's ass, that fucker is smirking.

I hate that fucking smirk trend - I'm glad it got replaced by the 'I'm in a craptastic game' frown.

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I wondered if Captain Falcon can be seen smirking on box art, and then I found these:


Why have I not heard of this game???

F-Zero GP Legend was based off the F-Zero Anime

Obligatory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFtw7qW7Vcw


Also I found this happy-looking foursome:


And this guy:


I fail to see the logic that says that an axe-wielding barbarian would also be wearing a hockey mask.

Look at that box art again and tell me what makes you think they're trying to be logical :<

(Also it's clearly not a hockey mask... where I'm from that's obvious - but you're way out in left field)

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It's because the cool thing to have in the 90s was "BADitude."

Fixed that for ya.


And it wasn't just the 90s. EVERYONE in this picture (except for tails and shadow) is sportin' that sleazy grin. Shadow probably knows what's in the future for him, though, so I can understand why he doesn't look happy.

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