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OC ReMix BitTorrent Distribution: Issues; also SEEDERS WANTED


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Random question, should torrents take absof***inglutely forever to download?

It depends on a lot of things. If you have the torrent port on your router blocked off, then yes, 40k is pretty good. If it is open like it should be, then you could be getting several hundred k a second.

But that isn't guaranteed. It of course depends on the quality and number of the peers that you are connecting to. It also might depend on the quality of the networking equipment on your end. Downloads usually speed up over time.

"If you can get several hundred K per second downloading from other torrents, you should be able to get several hundred K per second downloading from VotL."


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Okay, I downloaded the torrent quite a long time ago, months ago, I haven't really got a chance to go over it or anything and now that I'm transferring songs, I realize that in the folder, it only contains 868 items.

So am I missing more than a 100 songs?

Should I retorrent the whole batch or is that how it was set up?

Thanks for the reply. I also did a quick search about it and found nothing.

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I've tried, I've read, I give up.

How the hell do torrents work?

I downloaded flashget, but after that I am lost, somebody HALP!

Download a BitTorrent client. I use Vuze myself. Install whatever program you choose, then open/click on the torrent link like any other URL on the net. It should prompt that link being opened by the BT client and will proceed to download the files from that torrent.

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hello there, kinda new here and im sorry that i have to kickoff with a probably stupid question... :tomatoface:

downloaded the torrents of 1-1000 and 1001-1700

finished it today and was wondering why

1-1000 only consists of 868 files and

1001-1700 only consists of 691 files ?

tia :<

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Not the first time that's been asked. Here's a page about the torrents, and a quote from there:

Some ReMixes have been removed from OC ReMix because of rules violations, by request, or some other reason. The torrents served here contain only the ReMixes that are currently published on OC ReMix. This means that if you download OCR00001 to OCR01700 you will end up with quite a bit less than 1700 mp3s.
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