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OC ReMix BitTorrent Distribution: Issues; also SEEDERS WANTED


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I'm also at college, but I can download the torrents. The problem? I can't upload them. Virginia Tech has a daily upload limit set in place, and exceeding that limit is met with consequences. For the first time, your bandwidth is cut for a day to practically nothing (I'm talking slower than dial-up speeds here). Further times result in more serious disciplinary action.

Suffice to say, I would love to seed the project, but just to download it requires me to cut my upload speed to 5 kb/s or less. And even with that, I had to stop my download at only 46% completion because I was getting too close to the upload limit... :banghead:

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same here, i tried bittornado and -torrent for the last three days

apparently cannot connect to tracker or peers

Try using a different client. Errors occur sometimes because your client is out of date and Bittornado has not been updated since Dec 2006. Try using uTorrent or Azureus, they've been updated within the last three months.

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Hi guys, I'm new here but have visited ocremix on a regular basis for several years now. I just got the news of the FF7 collaboration project in my email and I will try to seed as often as possible with my 100 mbit connection the following days. :-)

EDIT: Jesus, I didn't think this torrent was that popular. I'm getting ~500 peers and 18-20 mb/s up speeds here.

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I'm having trouble downloading both the OverClocked ReMix: OCR00001 to OCR 01000 Torrent and the OverClocked ReMix: OCR01001 to OCR 01600 Torrent. I've downloaded Relics of The Chozo, The Dark Side of Phobos, and Voices of The Lifestream perfectly but these two are giving me some trouble.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hell, I'd be happy as a clam if I had a slow connection but it wont even connect. It always says it has failed.

*The blacked out bits are are nothing important, its just my real name*

Error message for Torrent OverClocked ReMix: OCR00001 to OCR 01000


Error message for Torrent OverClocked ReMix: OCR01001 to OCR 01600


The only programs I have open is Firefox and the Torrent itself so I don't know why it's saying I have too many files open.

Edit: Nevermind. I had to update my Bittorrent. It's working now.

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Like the title say, I know the site gets music somewhat often (I see new ones listed in the side of the Main page, just wondered how often the .torrent (s) are updates to include these.

If there is already an answer to this a link to is would be appreciated, unless it's in the huge seeders wanted topics, then a link to he post would be appreciated, didn't see it when I looked. :)

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I belive Liontamer said it was every 100 mixes.

I remember there was a 1001-1500 torrent, and now its 1001-1600.

Indeed. I said we update our torrents every 100 ReMixes, and that is the new torrent frequency, about once a year. It used to be every 250 ReMixers until #1600 came out.

Since we are currently at ReMix #1629, I'd recommend you obtain those individually.

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I could use an idea here: I love your remixes, but then, not all of them equally :-P So I listen to them all, deleting those I do not like. Of course, this doesn't work with the torrent if it is to download the next chunk of files (i.e. 01601 to 01700). How can I get the new files from the torrent and still be able to delete those I do not like? Obviously, I could just download each new track individually, but I'd rather help OCR save bandwidth. Is anyone doing this same thing and knows a good way to do it? One more detail: I do need to be able to delete the files/make a set of "good" files in an extra folder for use with my portable player.

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