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OC ReMix BitTorrent Distribution: Issues; also SEEDERS WANTED


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Would this website be helped by a Euro mirror at all? To host remixes I mean, not torrents...

I'm looking at a host right now that would give me 167GB of traffic every day, and the transfer speeds seem promising - at least if downloading from a computer located in Europe. Bandwidth still seems to be an issue for this website and if I could help there I'd be very happy to. I need to look up some of the details but the web host seems very very nice.

Would it be possible to get some ballpark figures of the average amount of traffic generated by remix downloads every month, in total, from all 3 mirrors (but not torrents)?

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Hi there

I want to suggest to enlarge the Torrent Offer.

If it is possible to save bandwith we should think about it , should'nt we ?

I guess that there are many people who come by from time to time and download the latest tracks.

If there would be a Latest-Tracks Torrent , or Monthly maybe weekly Torrent

they (i would do it) might try that way instead of leeching every single track.

That saves time and bandwith ? I admit i have no plan about making torrents or their efficiency but i hope they do a good job.

If there will be Informations , Lyrics right by in the torrents there is no need to waste the sites bandwith by klicking everything through.

And if people like it they can come back and write a review .

Now i like to know if you are supporters or abandoners of this idea.



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I suggested something similar a few years ago, and the reasoning back then (and now, I would think) was something about having lots of smaller torrents makes it harder to manage. Also, more people are likely to have the larger ones seeding than the smaller ones.

Nice try, but I don't think it's going to work this time.

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  1. Download/install uTorrent (Windows), or one of these if you're on Mac (don't have Mac, so I don't know which to recommend, sorry).
  2. Download the .torrent file for the album(s) you want from this site.
  3. Open the .torrent file with uTorrent (or whatever BitTorrent program you installed).
  4. Select what files you want to download and where you want to save them to.
  5. Click start and let the program run it's course.
  6. Seed as much as you can (aka leave the program running after you finish downloading so you can share the files with others)

For more info, check out this page:


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I feel so stupid right now... maybe I'm computer challenged or it's because I have a Mac... but I can't seem to get these torrents to work... I'm probably not even doing this right O_o I clicked the link... it downloaded some file... I clicked that, it opened opera (which I don't even think I have, which is weird in itself-- I can't find it anywhere in my finder), and it said something about a transfer. but nothing seemed to happen. A folder suddenly (and immediately) showed up in my downloads folder, with 241 remixes, but the number didn't change, and no new remixes were added. the whole time, the progress bar said 0%, and it didn't seem to be doing anything anywhere else in the window: everywhere indicated that opera wasn't doing anything at all. I'm really confused. How is a program that's not on my computer suddenly downloading almost 250 files, yet not doing anything at all?! Did I miss something here?

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I gotta question and a suggestion for torrents (and files)

Question: What is the 1700th remix? (Where does the torrent stop?) I've had the first 2 torrents that went up to like...1500 i think? I cant remember, I dl'd that torrent when it first dropped and I havent downloaded EVERY OCR since then, so I dunno where it stops on the new ones.

Suggestion: Is there any way in the future to number the tracks, or include a text file that does so (in order of the release on site).


I know I sound kinda retarded in what Im asking, but I have all of my OCRs in 1 folder, and I've downloaded some here and there, so I dont know how far back I need to go to get back up to date.

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I don't know how to sort them in order of time, but the number of remix is in the URL... sorting them would be a nice feature, though...

EDIT: I just realized that the URL numbers actually go higher than the number of ReMixes. I'll bet it's probably due to the remixes that have been taken down for various reasons. So ignore this post.

EDIT 2: I also just figured out that you can type the number you need into the url. 1700 is http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01700/ (from Ookami, if the link doesn't show up...)

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Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there was any word on when a new torrent for the remixes up through 1800 is gonna show up? It's been a while since 1001-1700 got released and I was just curious if we could look forward to a new one soon or if I should resign myself to downloading the songs one at a time. So yeah, any info would be great! And yes, I searched before posting, but if I missed some relevant info, please forgive me. :<

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Thats right.

Two weeks ago I manually downloaded the latest 120 OCRemixes to stock up a fresh ipod for a 17hour round trip drive, the whole time wondering why there wasn't a torrent yet. DJMetal asked the same question.

Your answer is here. I think 1 mix might be missing, sincere apologies if this is the case. To make up for it, I will find a prize and mail it to the first person who can PM me with the name of the missing mix, or verify that everything is as it should be. How fun is that? Cue random prize potential music!

If someone wants to add this torrent to the actual OCRemix torrents section, that would be helpful for the community. I'm assuming thats a job for an OCR admin.

Please Seed, this may be in high demand.

Enjoy! Thanks to everyone who contributed in the last year or so!

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