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OC ReMix StarCraft Tournament! Round 2 Begins! See Page 18


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Ok guys! I was saying the other day on IRC that we should have a small-potatoes SC tournament, and even offered to donate 20 dollars for a prize (either cash or whatever you guys would deem appropriate)! I was hearing that there is already some interest (most notably Nekofrog, Tensei-san, and Battousai) and wanted to see if there were other folks who'd want to get in on something like this. I was figuring that we could even record the replays with commentary if people were comfortable having other folks watch their games... even though I doubt many of us here are really "good enough" to warrant actually having a VOD, it'd be nice to see our own flaws and compare strats.

What do you guys think? You can message me on IRC or Steam (add me: https://steamcommunity.com/id/garianse) but please not here because I hardly ever check my messages or email.

Update May 22:

It seems most people want to have two tourneys, a 1v1 series and a 2v2 series pairing people by their skill. Each round of the tournament will be decided by a best of 3 matches. I'm thinking that we should maybe aim for a mid-to-late June date to begin playing, but I don't want that to be set in stone until we've got some more of the details hammered out. If you're wanting to "sign up," go ahead and make a post with the race you play and the name you'll be playing under. Check this post for future updates!

Update May 25:

For clarity's sake, there will be no prizes. Most folks had no opinion and didn't post about them, and the few who reply about prizes were generally against having them. Signups have been opened up as per the last update and I'll probably close that off some time in the next week at the latest.

Update May 30:

Signups will close sunday night at 12AM Eastern (that means MONDAY MORNING at 0000), and I'll get a randomly generated tournament bracket and map order on Wednesday. After that, you'll have one week to submit your replays (PLEASE Date and timestamp them). Since it will be a best-of-3, I expect 4 or 6 replays for each match-up, more if there are observers. The reason I want replays from both players is simply just to ensure there is no goofiness going on... I trust you guys are all mature enough to not game the system. Try not to have any hurt feelings if you're paired up with one of our better players and get stomped, it's just for fun and there's a lot that can be learned!

Update May 31st:

SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED! No more participants for the first tournament! Format is Single Elimination, Best of 3. Preferred multiplayer option is Battle.net, but VPN (like Hamachi) and PVPGN is allowed if BNet is not an option-- PROVIDED that both parties agree. As stated yesterday in of my posts, BNet users will be given preference if they are unable to accommodate playing on an alternative connection. The 3 maps for round 1 will be decided by coin toss, one each of a 2 player, 3 player, and 4 player map with the unused maps being used in round 2.

If things kinda seem like they're kinda weird, keep in mind that this is my first time organizing any form of competitive play so I'm just trying to see what works and what doesn't, given our skill level.


If you signed up but didn't specify your race (or random), you still have time to declare. I'll have a complete list of participants tomorrow and if there is an odd number, will join in myself. There's still plenty of time to practice so don't worry about being rusty!

ALSO! OCRSC2 will be Team Melee, partnering up experienced and inexperienced players... We can work out the partnering details and more as we go through OCRSC1.

Thanks guys! It's definitely a blast getting the ball rolling :)

Update June 1:

For the replay naming format, you should use an abbreviated form of your name (I would use Gar for myself), the level of the tournament (use some convention like "Ro 1" or "Set1"), and finally "Game" and the game number. When you send me your replays to me, they should appear similar to "Gar Ro1 Game1.rep" "Gar Ro1 Game2.rep" and "Gar Ro1 Game3.rep."

Update June 3:

The match-ups and groupings are in my last post, on page 10!

Update June 4:

I should probably give you guys my email, in case you need to email me your replays. garian[at]thasauce[dot]net.

Update June 15:

Nekofrog and Eddie have gotten their first VOD up on youtube, Game 1 between Nekofrog and SynthesizedStampede!

... Also, Eddie drew up a nice bracket for us which is also on page 16. If someone is capable of drawing up a banner for the first OCR SC Tourney, that'd be tops too! Even though we're all amateurs, it's really exciting to play such a fantastic game, and we should strive to be as professional as possible so that maybe it helps shape the opinion about playing sc competetively in a more positive fashion.
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it's great to see that some folks are interested! We should do some planning though, i'd hate to just say 'tournament on X-X-XX signups by Y-Y-YY' and have it go at that. Is there anyone around who has had experience setting up tourneys in the past? Which do you guys think would be better, round-robin or single/double elimination? I was figuring the former might be a bit more fair because we don't really know anyone's skill levels, but the latter would be more efficient.

Also what are people's thoughts on a prize? I'm just about to start up tf2 for the night... I won't probably respond until tomorrow. So if you guys could just toss up some ideas and try to bash them out, that'd be great.

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We'll probably play on some of the maps that they use in some of the professional leagues, they're quite common ground for folks who follow the game and are a lot more fairly balanced than many of the original Blizzard maps. Does anyone know what maps the GOMTV Averatec/Intel classic is using this season?

As far as the matchups go, yeah, best of 3 for sure. Random matchups are probably going to be the most fair way to go, because I'm certain that the skill levels are pretty broad. Also judging from the number of folks that do enjoy the game, it'd be pretty time consuming to do a whole round robin with 2-3 matches each.

Thanks for the feedback so far!

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I'm down for it, but much depends on what exactly we'd be working with. The biggest question on my mind is whether or not we'd be using money maps. I loathe money maps with a raging murderous passion -- it takes all the strategy right out of the game.

I generally suck 1v1 anyway, I'm much more used to working on a team. We should do team matches too! 2v2s or 3v3s would be awesome.

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There will be no money maps, I was hoping that that would be clear. Maps I am thinking of would be like Hannibal (the ubuntu map) and Andromeda (one of the maps used in the Averatec/Intel Classic on GomTv). I haven't been watching the Classic season 3 so I don't know all of the maps they've used this time around, but generally the maps that are designed for pro-league starcraft tend to be the most balanced. One of the largest hurdles in balancing maps has been the lack of upwards facing slopes from higher/lower ground, though some of the mapmaking utilities have been able to manage custom doodads that work around the issue. Of course, some maps do favor one race over the others but that's inevitable due to the nature of the SC metagame.

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Hmmmmm? This has me piquet. Although I'm generally no where near an expert or moderate player, I still do enjoy the game a fair bit; and I have watched a lot of replays with experts in them (A la Mondragon). I've played more 'Use map settings' games, but I think the replays, along with with whatever regular game experiance I did have, has given me a few pointers.

So yeah, assuming there isn't a bit problem with time constraints, consider me in. Might get killed in the first round, but who knows.

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I agree with Neko. I'd be nice to see what's like to be in teams, and give the inexperienced players a chance to have some fun, as the more experienced ones will be able to back them up.

On another note, will there be a chance to do warm-up matches and such? Or should we just start off cold?

Oh yeah, and it's a little difficult to decide on my current playing level; yes, I'm being a bit picky if you read the last post. Right now, I'm going to judge myself as an inexperianced - like, say, I haven't played in a long time and haven't played moderately on normal games. I think it depends on what we consider to be inexperienced and experianced.

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Hell yes. I'd love to get in on this. If only we can run it over hamachi, I seem to have an unresolved latency problem on battle.net - I can connect, but my ping is retarded for some reason.

Dosen't affect any other game I have. Just starcraft. I'm in anyways :D

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if this actually happens i really want to see an archive somewhere down the road with all of the maps used and replays of all the matches

Agreed. Even if I don't play, I'd love to watch the matches.

Speaking of which, I'd love to jump in on this. However, that depends on whether my new computer (thanks prophet!) will be more cooperative in running the game... my laptop won't run it properly at all. We'll see when I get the computer.

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