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PRC147 - Hmm, this castle is weird (Mario Kart 64)


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The People's Remix Competition 147


Hello everyone and welcome to the People's Remix Competition!

PRC146 is doneover. Three songs entered the contest before the deadline, but I already extended it. That was a good decision, because four other songs appeared after that. One newcomer entered, Rationaljeff, and he did a great job by taking third place. I entered and ended last (like most of my songs), together with Setokaibarocket. Gario and Brainstar tied fourth place. Ghetto Lee Lewis claimed second place. TheoConfidor did a very good job, he received scores from every voter, and wins the round.

TheoConfidor wins and may select the source. But, that didn't happen on time. After trying to wait a few more days (asking other users as well, maybe I don't do that in the future), I decided to select one by myself, as winner of the most wooden spoons. The source is from a popular game from the Nintendo 64, but except for a remix from me, I don't know any remixes of this tune. This sounds promising for a new contest.


Mario Kart 64 (N64) - Bowsers Castle



ThaSauce link

This game is well known, I still play it many times. Mario Kart is a very popular game. Bowser Castle is my favorite stage because a lot of things can stop you. Still, I win 150cc without any problems. The music was awesome and since there aren't any remixes, I decided to pick this one.


Fine Print:

PRC instructions

  1. If you happen to be mixing this song already, start over in the interests of fairness.
  2. Limitations at ThaSauce require your entry to be 6MB or less in size. Length for length's sake and MIDI rips are not allowed.
  3. Entries must be posted in the ThaSauce link by MONDAY June 1st at 5:59 am ThaSauce time (Check my signature (below) and the ThaSauce page for the exact time left. .
  4. You may enter as many mixes as you like and work with as many people as you like on each mix.
  5. Do not make qualitative comments on an entry until the results of the vote have been posted.
  6. Mixers cannot vote for themselves but if they vote they recieve a free first place vote added onto their score.
  7. The winner of the previous contest can take part (and I'm not). My vote will only be doubled if it breaks up a tie.

Doulifee's PRC Archives! For information about the previous contests.


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Hey Bundeslang, your disguised youtube link didn't worked for me, as it isn't really a youtube link.

Anyway, here one in case other people have the same problem with the truveo thing:


Won't be able to enter cause my DAW is dead (until june I'm afraid), but I will be voting as usual.

Hope to see some fierce competition like the last round! ;-)

oh, and I lol'd at your egoraptor reference in the topic title.

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Yeah, I'll be joining this one (most likely), as the game rings heavily into my own childhood... Quick question, though - as long as this source is prominent, are other sources from other games allowed in the mix? I've got this craaaazy idea floatin' in my head, but I need to know if incorporating other sources are allowed.

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Yeah, I'll be joining this one (most likely), as the game rings heavily into my own childhood... Quick question, though - as long as this source is prominent, are other sources from other games allowed in the mix? I've got this craaaazy idea floatin' in my head, but I need to know if incorporating other sources are allowed.

I've done it before. And I'm pretty sure other people have too. Just make sure more than half of it is based on this track, because otherwise people don't tend to vote favorably.

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I don't want to offend anyone, but the source is absurd. Whatever remote hint of melody is in there, does not fit with the rest of the track at all. I am talking about the part around 1:07, where it reminds me of Delirium's "Silence" (I can't believe I am even referencing such a groundbreaking track while talking about this source). I think the source is godawful and whatever remixes we submit at the end of the competition will all be several steps up from the crap source.

That being said, it is a great choice for PRC since it presents quite a challenge. Can't wait to see what other remixers are going to cook up.

One thing, I am refusing to include that part at 1:07 I was talking about, so don't look for it in my mix. And don't hold it against me.

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Hey Bundeslang, I sent you a PM with my selected source on ThaSauce back on Friday. Did you not receive it?

Well, I suppose the good news is that I can enter this one if I so desire.

How did you want me to contact you in the future?

I checked it, but didn't receive it. Weird.

I'm used to get the PM's via Ocremix.

I edited the Youtube link, I was already looking for a better one, but then my internet failed yesterday and I wasn't able to do that before now. Thanks for the link.

Gario, feel free to do what you want, as long as the source is still the main part of the song.

And yes, it's acceptable to ignore some parts of the source (like around 1:07).

When I'm listening to the song I should think: 'this is a remix from Mario Kart 64 - Bowser Castle'.

Some PRC-Related news: Ghetto Lee Lewis posted his RC Pro Am Remix (PRC145) at Youtube:

There's also an OCR-Thread of it, check it at:


Good luck everyone, Binweasel already submitted a song.

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Here's the voting stage

TheoConfidor was PRC146's winner, but due some circumstances he didn't selected the source. I selected Mario Kart 64 Bowser Castle theme.

Four entries appeared before the deadline, which means we didn't need an extension.

Participants are encouraged to vote, they receive a three point bonus. They can't vote for themselve. My vote can make the difference in a tie, but doesn't count twice.

The mixing stage is over. To vote, you should do the following:

- Visit the stated ThaSauce Page and listen to all the entries

- Scroll to the form at the bottom of the screen

- Fill in the rank of the entries from first to third.

- State a reasoning for it.

You have until NEXT Wednesday, June 3th at 1:59 am ThaSauce time, it has changed to vote, check my signature in the first post or simply the ThaSauce page for the exact time you have.

The winner will get to choose the source tune for PRC148 which will start Friday like usual.

The songs:

Binweasel - The Karter's Dream

Setokaibarocket - Retribution

Ambient - The Door

Blackstar - 3 2 1 Go

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It's results time.

In the beginning, people where complaining about the source, but they all thought it would be a great challenge and that's what a source should be.

Four people managed to get a song in, enough to not extend the round. Six voters voted for the round.

Total number of mixes - 4

Total number of votes - 6

Highest possible score - 18

Minimum possible score with voting - 3

Setokaibarocket did a nice song, but 8 points isn't enough, he gets the last place wooden spoon.

Blackstar starts his PRC carreer with a nice number of 9 points (two first places), ending at a third place.

Binweasel was quick, but to quick to win, he received second place with 10 (+3) points.

And the winner of PRC147 is Ambient with 15 points!

Congratulations Ambient. You come back and just beat everyone. You're work was the best, you only missed three points. The others where close, Blackstar, and Ambient used the vote bonus, but Ambient didn't need it to win. Binweasel voted as well, but he voted for himself (third place) for some reason. It looks a lot like a fault, but I decided to not give the 3 points, because it doesn't change anything (if it did, I would have given them). I corrected the scores.

Ambient, it's up to you to select the source for the next round, PRC148. Send your source to me (with a MID/MP3 file if you can) by PM before next Friday, June 5th at 11:59 am Eastern US Time.

You may select any source from any game, as long as it doesn't have an Overclocked Remix and it hasn't been on PRC before. (I still have to make that list).

See you all next Friday.

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