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OCR01896 - Chrono Trigger "B.A.M.F. (Radio Edit)"


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I love this track, have since I heard the first WIP. I remember back when I used to think of Dhsu as "that guy who does piano mixes". Then he really impressed me with his track on "No Balls, No Glory", and has just continued to improve from there. And while Mustin has always been versatile, his production and mastering skills have only gotten better with time, as this track shows.

And I highly recommend the album to anyone; it's probably the best compilation project I've been a part of, and there have been a LOT. So go buy it. Great work all around by all the Bad Dudes.

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This is one of my favorite tracks from the CD, which is a great work overall. Fantastic blend of elements, not to mention it lives up to it's title.

As for all those doubting legality, mustin's one of those guys who's gone through the trouble of not producing just one, but several pay-for arrangement albums. Yes, he's profiting, but he's also aqquired licencing and is paying royalties. He's not making a quick buck using other people's work without permission. Support this! This CD is very high quality, and is worth every penny!

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