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An OverClocked Christmas 2009


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put me down for the home alone theme song <3

Awesome, most definitely!

I don't think I ever commented, but I have been contemplating doing a Christmas remix. I'll probably see if I can get it done for the album, and I'll probably need some help actually writing up the music and producing and stuff. If anyone's interested, let me know.

I'd love to hear what she can do with a collaborator on this album, by all means, someone get with her on it.

Can I do a short closing track?

That would be excellent, yes please!

Just so you know Dyne, me and Level99 are doin Chestnuts Roasting in wicked sick Shatner key. Our Wip is to Follow.

Shatner Key is a welcome sign of win!

I might as well claim it now while no one's picked it yet. Sign me up for "Snowman" from Mother 3.

Awesome! ^_^

I'm claiming "The Promising Future 2" from Phantasy Star IV.


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I'm late in talking about deadlines and what not, but that's okay. With just over a month until Christmas, it's really getting down to the wire for remixes and songs for the album. I'm very much looking forward to everyone's tracks, and I think everyone's looking forward to them too!

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