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How long have you been coming to OCR?


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Dunno when I started coming here, but I've been here since I joined. I remember grabbing a set of Zelda and Metroid remixes before I joined, but I'm not sure when that was but the site was white. I also have a vague memory of visiting, maybe before that, looking at how to submit and deciding it was too much trouble and was gonna wait for vgmix to come back (lol) so I could sub my stuff there instead. OCR was white then too.

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Man, I don't even remember all that clearly. I started listening sometime around 2000 or 2001-ish I think (woulda been around 13 or 14, so that sounds right). I know I registered for the forums in 2002, posted once and completely forgot the user name because all I ever did was lurk. SIgned up again in 2004 and I've been using this account ever since.

It's kinda funny. I go through different moods when it comes to OCR. Sometimes I just come for the music and ignore the forums. Other times I only come to the forums and ignore the music. Sometimes I lurk for long periods of time, and other times I feel like I'm back in the postwhore society days (if anyone remembers that).

But yeah, despite the postcount, I'm an oldtimer.

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I remember I had gotten some sort of an impression that OCR was for elitists who did vgmixes the wrong way. Then after getting some OCR mixes from somewhere, notably LastUnicron's Alisia Dragoon mix (I seem to recall so), I checked the site out for reals and turns out I'm an elitist who likes vgmixes done the wrong way.

I registered in May 2007, but Shnabubula's mixes seem to have started me posting around the end of 2007. Most of my initial posts are reviews, and then I've progressed into WIP boards, People's Remix Competition and the projects for the most part. Fun times.


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