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How long have you been coming to OCR?


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I found out about OCR in about January of 2002, and I would have signed up for the forums earlier than June if I was more of a fan of forums in the first place. I methodically downloaded just about every remix from every game I've played, and then when I actually signed into the forums I made my way like straight to UnMod and rarely ever posted elsewhere.

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Early 2003, when I was downloading a bunch of random game music from a p2p (winmx, I believe). I kept running into files tagged with OC ReMix and really enjoyed them, so I kept downloading them... then the person I was downloading the music from sent me a message saying, "You do know you can download all this music for free from ocr, right?"

And thus, my life was changed forever...

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I actually won't know how long I've been coming here untill I check my post haha :D

I remember it must have been around 2005/early 2006 when I signed up though. I first heard OCremixes through my best friend, altough he never actually checked this site untill I later told him "this site has more stuff like that!"

I actually signed up to comment in a thread about homemade trading card games :) Because I "produce" my own card games too.

One of the things I appreciate about this place is how serious/dedicated it is to doing what it does. I don't think you'll see this place go down anytime soon.

It's great to read about how OCRemixers are involved with "official" game projects and to see the site get more and more exposure and appreciation :D

Community wise...I don't know. It's a little hard to get appreciated here and there's the circle of people who've known eachother for a while longer.

This is probably the same on every forums though, so it's no big deal.

It all depends on what you want out of this community experience I guess. :D

(And granted I've not made myself very popular with certain views of mine)

I never seen the "old" design as far as I can remember. I appreciate it when I occasionally discover a design element added which just makes it all "click".

The first remixes I heard must have been Donkey Kong country 2 mixes :D After that I got into the Final Fantasy 6 bits.

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Kind of a tough one, but I believe I first became aware of the site around 2002, didn't really come here all that much though, for some reason I'd tend to forget about it. Sadly I do not remember what the first mix I ever downloaded was, which surprises me. Around 2004, a friend pointed me to "Another Fair" which sort of reminded me of all the goodness I was probably missing out on, and started me on the path of checking OCR about once a month, still nowhere near as often as I do now.

Since then, between the always interesting new mixes, and the truly amazing album projects this community has put out over the years, my visits evolved from monthly to weekly to daily to just having OCR open in a tab at all times and checking multiple times a day, hitting the forums, etc.

I don't have a ton of posts, and didn't actually join the forums till 2007. I guess I mostly stick to reviews and wip feedback, but as long as OCR is here, I won't be too far away.

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Well, I do believe I found this place, in the summer of 08, first remix downloaded was, an Album VotL. I even made a thread about it. (the thread is probably gone by now). I found this search for something related to games, and this came up, and I've visited this pretty much atleast once a day since. whether it be the IRC or the forums

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