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Official & Unofficial Arrangement Projects (Tracking)


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BTW, did you notice the OP is messed up?

Yes I did. I only had enough time yesterday to do about 75% of the updates to existing projects and added a few based on sequentially reading through this thread. Dinner plans with neighbors every Tuesday and had some personal things to take care of as well. It will get updated today.

You didn't add the DK64 project, you scurrilous knave.

See above response. I'm working on it, yo.

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After a few months of a much needed break from stuff...

I'm back, bitches.

I'm slowly getting back in the motions of organizing and managing the project stuff on the backend, but I will update this thread as soon as I can. There's some pressing deadlines on the side so I can't say when, but I will now try to look and update this once a week. Please post updates in here so I don't have to fish in your individual project threads for an update. Save me time and save yourself the hassle :)

Elite Project Management Agents are


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Need to update Skies of Arcadia: Arcadia Legends. The next major WIP turn-in is June 1st, 2016. If everyone turns their WIPs in, (which are expected to be near finished product), after some polish, we may have a near 3-disc album at this point. Still need to get 4-5 more tracks claimed but 90% are claimed and being worked on at this time.

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