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Bringing friends to OCR


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I remember him. Where's he been?

He went to Memphis for law school and got married to Etak. I haven't talked to him in years myself over some argument we had. Boy knows how to dish it out but doesn't know how to take it, apparently.

I did send him a link to Yggdrasil Speaks to Me when it got posted, but I only heard back from his wife.

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One of my old friends in high school introduced me to this site in 2001 and I'm still here downloading and posting sometimes, and nowadays I'm a project director of Wild ARMs 1 and the wife of the vet, bLiNd. :razz: It's possible for people to stay once mentioned...though none of my friends seem interested at all in this site and that's lame.

That's why I made a lot of friends here.... Actually, my real friends are from OCR. I've grown distant to those I don't live by anymore.

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I've told numerous people about the site. I've brought a few friends who like to remix to the forums.

nonsensicalexis is the only one who stayed ;(

Yep, I'm here and it's all his fault.


Over the course of my student teaching high school orchestra last year, I told a few students about the website, and that I had worked on a remix. About a week later, I had a fan club because they found Wanderer on the Offensive. That was kind of awesome. I'm not sure if any of them found their way onto the forums or not.

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  • 4 years later...

When people ask what I do for fun or something like that, I list ocremix almost all the time. Most of my friends know about ocremix. Only one of my close friends is a musician though, and he loves video games and video game music (and that friend got me into Sonic and Zelda years and years back) but not sure he really cares about video game remixes. At the least bit, I don't think he's interested in ocremix. :/ Oh well.

I have a few other nerd friends who are a bit more interested but no one that really got into ocremix in my circle.

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I bring up OCR to RL friends and while they do discuss about some of the nice things I do there, the only physical person who's actually heard some of the stuff on the site... is my own mother. *_* She'd accompany me sometimes to OCR's conventions in London and hear the performances there, and she actually enjoys what she hears as well!

In addition, there was an old friend I had on the old Scorehero boards whom I discussed some of my involvment in OCR for, and he somehow took a huge amount of interest in Dj Mystix's works (mostly out of his OWN nostalgia, but he still enjoyed what he heard).

One day though, I'll get someone introduced to OCR, and then they'll start posting here even if it's once or twice a week. :P

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I don't think I ever introduced OCR to any of my friends, but I do have friends who found it without me. I try to keep my internet presence separate from my interactions with friends, although I wouldn't really mind if they crossed.

I did this for a long time. However, OCR and my real life has blurred at points due to conventions I do in the UK, which 2 of my friends have attended. They've never really shown an actual interest in the community tho. There are a few friends from university who are interested in the Chiptune scene (Ubiktune/Chiptunes=Win etc), which has given me a reason to stay in regular contact with a few people I wouldn't have otherwise, so thats cool.

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Great job cutting him loose! :lol:

I didn't exactly stop talking to him altogether, I just ended the conversation there haha

He lost some serious respect points though :P

Every time I try to introduce OCR to people, they forget about it, or just don't "get" it. :whatevaa:

"Here's some awesome VGM. Doesn't sound like VGM, right?"

> "It's okay."

"Any additional response?"

> "No, I just don't like electronic music."


I've had that happen a couple times too. Now I usually only show stuff to people If I know its their style. Plebs just cant understand.

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