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Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2010


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I'm pretty surprised that halc got as few votes as he did. I mean, the song was short, but it was really solid, and I would have voted for it if I hadn't forgotten to vote. I hope you get to make a longer version of it halc!!

Just btw - it's very unlikely I'll be participating in the losers brackets if it occurs the week after next. 2 exams, last one on Thursday. I'll try and get something in, but it won't be up to scratch (not that my first one was evidently :x).

Aww, I really liked yours too. (Although, I also really liked Sixto's ;-)) Well, nothing you can do about exams...

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Well I probably could have spent longer on mine (I finished it on Tuesday and didn't go back to it) but hey, no shame in loosing to sixto. I'm happy enough that it was a close vote.

I probably shouldn't be saying this, but your real name is so awesome I don't care.

lol, I guess its a pretty rare/unique name but I'm sorta used to it by now :D.

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