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Steam Holiday Sale


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Also this sale is killing me. I must've bought like... seven games.

hahaha ive bought like 25

id have bought a lot more too if i didnt already own a lot of the games that went on sale

same with the eidos pack

i kinda want to get it even though i already have batman and all the tomb raider games

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So do you guys think Silent Hill: Homecoming is worth $10? I've never played any of the other games, but apparently it's a quasi-reboot or something.

If you've never played any of the others, I'd recommend skipping it. I only played through it because I'm a fan of the series and it wasn't very good. You can spend that $10 on a PC copy of SH2, though - that'd be a good investment.

I wish the duplicate game gifting worked for all Steam games instead of just select few. I know it's like this to prevent people from abusing the system, but it kinda sucks for those of us who don't plan on abuse. :|

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Mirrors Edge is pissing me off. I can go all the way through some eleborate jump/kick/flip/roll/ninja wall running Matrix shit, but then I get stopped dead by a jump across something.

The game seems designed to punish you for not completing simple jumps. I once tried to make a jump over twenty times, all because my timing wasn't so fucking perfect that I could make the necessary combo. In the end, I just walked around until I found something to walk across.

Repeat for almost every level.

And the ones where you have to outrun a bunch of cops are frustrating as hell. There's one part where I have to run along a wall over a pit, and when I start to fall, i have to jump to the ledge... except that I barely make it every time, and then waste four seconds getting up. This gives both the cops behind me and the one coming towards me enough time to beat me into the floor.

I can see what the game was going for, but parts of it just seem like they did no play testing outside of their own little group of people that had been playing it from the beginning. Only after hours and hours of practice can you really pull that shit off.

Definitely not a forgiving game for first-time players.

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Booya new sale. I got the max payne bundle for 3.49. But if you don't have osmos, get it, worth 2 bucks.

Bought both of those, as well as the complete Civ 4 pack. I was going to just get Colonization, until I realized that the adding on the other three was like $3.40 more.

Also, I did decide to get Jade Empire, mostly because this is the "Special Edition" and I just had the regular one.

That and STEAM > All.

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This end of year sale has taken way too much of my hard earned cash now. I've gone from about 70-80ish games to 129. Why am I paying for games which take up more time, thus resulting in me making less money?

Because games are fun, damnit. And it's great, cheap way to get other people hooked too! RS:V2 for 4.99? DO IT!

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Did you see the incorrect ones? For about 20 minutes, the deals weren't updated. You could buy Crysis for $40, wow what a deal!

That said, there's not a lot here that interests me. I bought Shattered Horizons for $20 a month ago and now feel like a doofus.

I'm still waiting on some more RPG deals like Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls.

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