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OCR01984 - Secret of Mana "Step Off My Flower Bed"


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I had a firnd once who starting getting into making his own techno. One of his creations was called 'Funkalicious' but I think this track suits that title even better... not to so your title wasn't just good, don't get me wrong, I just wanted to express myself. DON'T JUDGE ME 'CAUSE I'M DIFFERENT!

P.S. Thanks for the great 'mix!

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Why is it "Danger!" is inspiring chippy stuff?

Ha, no clue. Well actually, in my case I believe chippy stuff inspired 'Danger'..

Famitracker was open and i just randomly decided to track the intro. Could very well be that Shna's mix made me think of it in the first place. His is just THE definite Danger mix.

Anyway...weird how everyone so far seems to dig this! For comparison, The RL reactions i got from this mostly amounted to a big 'uh..huh.'

even the J's just went 'k. k. k. k.'. I think I was secretly hoping for a bit of controversy there, it just adds entertainment value.

Fun writeup though! The ending sentence left me grinning like a moron. This is such a classic cheesy Lloydian punchline...I love it, thanks man :B

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Very energetic and it evokes a lot of different time periods for me. It has a great and cool blend of nostalgia that speaks to me. Some great twists thematically, and the instruments shift and cycle in some unexpectedly cool ways. That bass is like, the blue ribbon winner at the state fair. It can go on the pedestal next to the 150 lb pumpkin and Farmer Herrick's best pig.

Awesome stuff. :-)

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