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OCR TF2: Stab stab stab!


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Well, even if they decided to stop caring about balance and such... doesn't mean I should just submit something willynilly. Not only for the sake of balance and theme, but so that people on both sides of the weapon at hand feel like the weapon is a valid option.

That's perfectly fair. I'm just saying that you shouldn't worry about Valve's official stance on anything regarding this game, i.e. let that be a reason for holding you back.

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TF2 just updated for me, but I'm unable to get on any server at all. Not sure what the deal is. Ideas?

Our servers aren't coming back up post update. I need to see what's going on in more depth.

It appears that the server binary is gone or moved. I'm looking into it now.

Edit: Servers are now back up. Thanks Valve for the update missing half the files and forcing me to do a file verification on the server.

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The new items are:

  1. A new Rocket Launcher named "The Original." Likely a reskin of the regular rocket launcher, as it has no description.
  2. A new Sniper hat named "The Anger" that looks a lot like the Conjurer's Cowl. Brink-related.
  3. A new Heavy hat named "The Tamrailic Relic" which looks a lot like the Spine-Chilling Skull. Skyrim-related.
  4. An new Engineer Misc named "The Pip-Boy", which replaces the Engineer PDAs (not buildings, whoops)
  5. An new Engineer Misc named "Wingstick".

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Steam is acting up tonight. I'm not sure how this will affect TF2 servers.

The last time Steam acted up, it randomly kicked 1/2 the people on our server with "No Steam Connection" or some other ridiculous excuse and wouldn't let people rejoin our server until the server changed levels.

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Free weekend on Brink. Is it even worth checking out?

Because any class can use any gun, it feels a bit more homogenous than TF2. But I feel it pushes the team aspect a lot harder; shooting mans is all well and good, and you'll certainly need to do it quite a bit to complete the objective, but to really excel you will need to rely on your teammates and their buffs.

If you like A/D maps more than the other modes, but wish they had a bit more depth/complexity, I'd give it a whirl.

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Might be a stretch, but does anyone know where I can pick up the tf2 weapon models. Been trying to decompile them myself for a couple of days now but the recommended decompiler, StudioCompiler, fails to produce anything usable. It either crashes outright, or produces an smd with nothing more then a diamond in it.

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Between my roommate and FedEx, my new computer didn't get delivered today as planned.

My roommate because he said he'd be here until noon, yet had left for the weekend already when FedEx stopped by to drop off my computer at 11:15am, and FedEx for not being like UPS and saying "you can pick up the package at Blah after X o'clock." (I arrived home at just past noon).

So, despite asking FedEx to keep the package at their local depot and I'd pick it up, it never got transferred there today. And knowing FedEx, it won't be now until Monday.

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Replays have been reenabled. Let me know if you see any server crashes.

A lot of people want to know what's going to happen with reserve slots. I was thinking of opening them up to our regular players.

In fact, I may just go in and add people I know that play a lot on our server (but my memory isn't perfect, so...).

Other than that, people will need to request reserve slots from me rather than FireSlash.

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I've added a number of new reserved slots to the people who play on our servers the most. Specifically, those in the top 50 by connection time who didn't already have one, except phill.

The 28 new reserved slot holders are (in alphabetical order):

  • !!
  • Aeronaut
  • AfroNick
  • Arrowshot
  • Biohazard
  • Bizbiz
  • Cinderwild
  • Dr. Jones
  • Frosty Bites
  • Gamemaster
  • Gary Coleman's Ghost
  • Hazardous Sentient Ice Being
  • HoopyFrood
  • ivelchild
  • JGshogun (although this one almost wasn't added because he hasn't been on in a few weeks)
  • Kenogu Labz
  • Obstacle
  • phill (I lied earlier)
  • presh
  • RocketSniper
  • Shrub
  • Sir Prize
  • Spider
  • Top Gun
  • Wertilq
  • Yosimite
  • Zilac

To use a reserved slot, when the server is full, pull up the developer console (bound to ` next to 1 in the upper-left corner on US keyboards) and type

connect blu.ocrtf2.com


connect red.ocrtf2.com

depending on which server you're connecting to.

If your reserved slot isn't working, let me know. I did a bunch of reorganization of reserved slots so I can locate people easier. I don't *think* I removed any, but I can't tell just by looking. I also could have made typos when entering new data. I already found a mistake with presh's and corrected it.

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