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Happy Birthday, Meteo Xavier!

Meteo Xavier

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For 20 years I only used one cake for birthday. It's Jiffy Yellow cake mix with Jiffy chocolate frosting on it.

Thats the ONLY dessert man would ever need. But you know you can't find Jiffy Chocolate Frosting anymore? You have to buy in bulk boxes of 20-30 from Amazon.com

EDIT: My birthday isn't publicly listed? I didn't know that.

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I'll see what I can do. 25 was a damn big year for me and its going to be hard to top.

Then again, if I didn't expect to have cancer surgery at the exact same time my Mom did on an unrelated circumstance 10 miles away, or to narrowly avoid being arrested twice, or to narrowly escape the murder that happened in the house behind me (I was about to go home at that time and day), or to be pulled over and narrowly avoid a huge car crash by a cop wearing a black thong, or to gain enemies that are large, spherical, and female, or to fire the Mormon, accordian playing church secretary for stealing toilet paper, or to accidentally date a 40 year old woman who thought I was older than she is, or to discover that my apartment complex is genuinely haunted (even the shit I made up was true), or to discover much to my continued chagrin that breasts can grow hair, or that modern artillery is still not advanced enough to stop my wild, autistic behavior across the interwebs once and for all - who knows what could happen at 26?

Actually, I do have a couple things up my sleeve, but those times will come (once they are processed). :)

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

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