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The NEW Starcraft II Thread *Player Names at Top of Thread*

Conan The Politician

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NOTICE: The player naming and friend adding mechanics for the SCII beta have been revamped. If you wish to add a person from this list, you must now have his or her e-mail address, since identifiers (two-word names) no longer exist for players. That being said, this still provides a list of folks who are in the beta, and I encourage that e-mail addresses are shared if you still want folks on your friend's list! Whether it be by posting it on this thread, or just directing folks to your community profile for that info, that's up to you.

Nothing much to say beyond this. The old thread was started by Shadow Wolf, and we've heard not hide nor hair from him on that thread in some time. I suppose I'll compile a list of the players in the community and their handles on the SCII Beta. If you make any changes to your handle, or I've forgotten about your handle, be sure to let me know so I can update it on the post.

Beta List:

U.S. Region Players:

eternal Zero:

Conan the Politician:

Random Hajile:










Curly Brace:



Europe Region Players:

Asian Region Players:

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For anyone who would like to get his/her hands on a SCII beta key and has not been able to (or if you'll never be able to), I have received a 2nd beta key via the refer-a-friend that is up for grabs. Just send me a pm if you want it, and make sure your request isn't just a passing fancy; I want to give this key to someone who will play the beta often!

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Has anyone heard of any interesting pre-order specials, be it from Amazon, GameStop, etc? I should have placed my pre-order with Amazon when they were offering it for $10 off the time-of-release price.

I didn't know what amazon was doing, but I was well aware of the beta-key you get from GameStop when you pre-order from them. If you know you're gonna get it, you might as well be playing it now :).

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