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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2010: It's Over!


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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2010

The official Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge webpage is located here: http://thasauce.net/FBRC2010/

What is the Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge?

The Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge is an annual video game remixing challenge hosted by ThaSauce, Video Game Remix news portal. During the challenge, mixers are assigned a remixing request, at random, and given an appointed amount of time to complete it. The requests come from members in the community, and as a result everyone is potentially given a chance to have their request filled, and remixers have a chance to exercise or demonstrate their musical prowess.

PLEASE NOTE: This challenge is meant to be just that: A CHALLENGE. By entering this competition you are signing up for, and agreeing to have your skills challenged. While personal preference plays a big part in the creative process, and while you should make music for yourself before anything else, this is, again, a CHALLENGE. This will include working under strict time constraints and may also mean having to mix something you don't necessarily like. If you choose to not accept, then you fail the challenge. Do not expect us to re-roll your match-up until you get "something you like."

STAGE 1: MAY 24 2010 - JUNE 02 2010, 11:59 PM PST

STAGE 2: JUNE 07 2010 - AUGUST 14 2010, 11:59 PM PST

Who Can Sign-Up? Who Can Request?

During stage 1 we will be accepting ReMixer sign-ups and song requests.

The challenge is open to any artists, experienced or new. The artist will be challenged to remix 1 song.

Any member of the community can make 1 request. These requests must follow the request guidelines and be made in private. You cannot discuss the song that you have requested until all challenges are accepted and stage 2 has begun.

How do I Sign-Up? How Can I Make a Request?

SIGN UPS: Go to http://thasauce.net/FBRC2010/artist-signup.php to sign up.

REQUESTS: The remix request must be sent via http://thasauce.net/FBRC2010/song-request.php and must contain the following:

1. The name of the original song, game and track.

2. A link to the original track to download. The original format is preferred (i.e. SPC, NSF) but MP3 is acceptable.

3. A YouTube link to the requested song.

4. A midi, if at all possible. The more sources you are able to provide, the more likely your requested track is to be remixed. Please note that vgmusic.com does not allow direct linking, however you can link the page with the download link for the midi - please specify file name.

Request Guidelines

During stage 1 any community member can submit a challenge; Be it a specific song from a game, or anything from a game's soundtrack. Challengers MUST include a source tune for reference. ALL CHALLENGERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO PICK SONGS WITH STRONG MELODIC CONTENT WITH SOURCES THAT ARE NOT DIFFICULT TO LOCATE. This is merely a suggestion as the easier it is for a remixer to get a midi, or familiarity with a song, the more likely the finished project will be a quality piece of work. Each user is only allowed 1 challenge.

Keep in mind: Your requests will be given to artists throughout the community with various levels of skill.

All remix requests must be made in private. ReMixers already in the challenge are allowed to issue requests, however they may not be selected to remix their own request. Requests posted in the thread will be ignored and may not be considered for submission. We reserve the right to reject requests.

The Match-Ups

Once we populate a list of mixers and challenges, a script will be created and will distribute the songs to each mixer. There will be grace period of a few days while we sort everything out, and following that we will begin stage 2. Mixers will have 2 months to complete their challenge. In the event that there are more challenges than mixers (which is likely) a mixer may randomly select another song from the pool only after they have successfully finished their initial challenge (a COMPLETED and QUALITY remix).

The History of the Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge

In 2002 a forum user name "I Like Cookies!" (now just Jeff), ran a 1-shot competition called the Freshly Baked ReMixer challenge. In the thread artists signed up and were assigned challenges posted by other forum users. This is how artists like myself, Suzumebachi, and GLL all got our starts. There were also some other impressive tracks by Disco Dan and a few others.

Previous results can be viewed here:


Challenges (33):

  • analoq - Wolfchild (Genesis) - Stage 1, Requested by Vilecat
  • Arcana - Rockman ZX - Area A (Green Grass Gradation), Requested by F4T4L
  • Biznut - F-Zero X - Decide in the Eyes (Big Blue), Requested by Bahamut
  • BlackPanther - Legend of Dragoon - Requiem, Requested by hoboka
  • Brandon Strader - Jackal - Area 1, Area 4, Requested by Gario
  • bundeslang - Tactics Ogre - Avilla Henya, Requested by Arcana
  • Chickenwarlord - Mega Man 4 - Pharoah Man, Requested by Biznut
  • Cyril the Wolf - Final Fantasy XIII - Snow's Theme, Requested by Demonstray
  • Demonstray - Novastorm - Level 2 - Stage 1, Requested by Abadoss
  • diotrans - Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded by Light (Battle Theme), Requested by ProjectSpam
  • Dj Mokram - The Legend of Dragoon - Crystal Palace, Requested by metalsnakejuice
  • Dyne - Kirby Super Star - Revenge of Metaknight Ending, Requested by scrobble
  • Gario - Actraiser - Birth of People, Requested by sgtrama
  • hoboka - Persona 2: Innocent Sin - Lunar Palace Konan, Requested by K.B.
  • JAXX - Heracles no Eikou IV - Field 2, Requested by Suzumebachi
  • jmr - Super Adventure Island - Stage 2-2 (Jungle Chase), Requested by Hemophiliac
  • just64helpin - Mega Turrican - Stage 1-1, Requested by LuketheXjesse
  • Luke Keever - California Games (sega genesis) - Title Screen, Requested by Superjoe
  • Moseph - Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand - Dark Boy, Requested by Mirby
  • Neonlare - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Rogueport, Requested by Hylian Lemon
  • oa - Mortal Kombat (Genesis) - The Pit, Requested by YouGuysRock
  • Obtuse - Ogre Battle 64 - The World of Today (original version), Requested by Dj Mokram
  • ProjectSpam - NieR - Song of the Ancients ~ Devola (Recurring theme, Popola), Requested by Brandon Strader
  • Red Rum - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (Sega Genesis) - Krang's Stage 2, Requested by Level 99
  • Rexy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Starshine Galaxy, Requested by just64helpin
  • Sockpuppet - Mega Man 3 - Wily Castle 2, Requested by bundeslang
  • Superjoe - Legend of the dragoon - World map 2, Requested by Yosefu
  • Suzumebachi - Werewolf: The Last Warrior "Warwolf (JP)" - Final Boss, Requested by OCRE
  • swordofdestiny - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Agitha's Castle, Requested by The Mac Attack
  • the prophet - Ragnarok Online - Be Nice 'N Easy, Requested by oa
  • Wesley Cho - Ecco: The Tides of Time - The Fault Zone, Requested by bluestarfish
  • willrock - Sonic the Hedgehog - Labyrinth Zone, Requested by starla
  • Xerol - Mega Man 7 - Burst Man Stage, Requested by KyleJCrb

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Just for clarification:

1. The reason we're using the sign-up forms this year, as opposed to the forum reply/PM signup and requests is so that people interested aren't required to be registered on both ThaSauce and OCReMix.

2. This year we are doing ReMixer sign-ups and song requests at the same time. This means: we are accepting song requests now as well as remixer sign-ups.

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So no re-rolls this time, huh?

This was a lot of fun last time around. I'll probably sign up again. I have no idea what source to request, though. But I will come up with something good. ^_^

Depending on the number of requests to remixers there may be a situation similar to last year where we allow one, permanent re-roll.

Definitely no more than that, though.

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At this time we are accepting 1 challenge from each forum user. If for some reason there are more remixers signed up then challenges, we will consider allowing more than one. There is a high probability of the track you request to become a completed remix.

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