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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


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Got to love the art direction!

I don't care about what people say, it looks awesome to me!

Why make a "realistic" version on Wii when the system is not capable of HD and advanced shaders etc. ?

Wait for Zelda on Project Café/ Wii2/ Nintendo Stream for that.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess looked a bit washed out.

For comparison:

Twilight Princess


Skyward Sword


Looks awesome, but I gotta say I'm a bit disappointed that Link is likely to be right handed in all future iterations.

They should set right-handed as standard because most people are right-handed, but they should also include the option to make Link left-handed.

That way, everyone will be satisfied :)

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No different than in Twilight Princess. It is just less visible in that game because of the unnecessary amount of bloom etc. EWWW!

Vegetation has as good as always been the weakness of design in games : /

Yeah, but there are times when it is done pretty well. Games need to outgrow these bisected sprite trees and grass.

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Fun fact: Back when Mario 64 came out, I noticed the trees would turn with the camera. In my 10-year-old mind, I thought it was awesome.

Today, I see these kinds of trees and grass and I understand the limitations that require this sort of thing. I've tried building trees several different ways... And this is by far the best way to do low-poly trees.

Not to say the trees here couldn't look better -- there's flat planes of leaves where an umbrella would look nicer -- but there is a reason games still use this method, and that's because nothing actually looks better for the same poly count.

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Hmmm... $20 or so for an add-on for a system I haven't touched in months, to play a game I'm probably only going to go through once or twice.

You know what sucks? Years ago, when there were tons of games on all kinds of systems, I had no money to get any of them. I had to get new games for birthday and christmas presents, and had to decide what was best choice out of the few I could get.

Now I can easily afford all the systems and get just about as many games as I want, but I have a hard time justifying the purchase as I find I have less time and interest in any of them (and that's not an age thing, we're talking about when I was 25, not a teenager).

Fuck you, progression of time.

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