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Toy Story 3


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i saw it at midnight. it was a lot better than i expected (the first one is one of my favorite movies but i hated the second one). i think the ending overdoes it a little, they could've trimmed a few minutes off it, but overall i really liked it. not as good as the original but it's really enjoyable.

3d was kinda useless though

also i don't think i'd say it's quite as good as their best movies (imo wall-e, monsters inc, nemo, original toy story but i already said that so wtf)

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I saw it at midnight, and I absolutely loved it. It exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were pretty high considering their last two movies were Wall-E and Up.

A lot of it probably has to do with nostalgia, but honestly, this movie was very emotional for me. Especially the ending. I felt that this was the perfect ending. On one hand it felt like the movie had grown up with me, on the other hand, it made me feel like a kid again.

I honestly can't fully describe the feeling I had after watching this. No other movie has made me quite feel this way before.

Sorry if I'm getting too sentimental. Toy Story pretty much defined my childhood, and by proxy a lot of the person I am today.

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I can't wait to see this. Planning to catch it in a couple weeks when I travel to Biloxi, MS to go see Nekofrog. Would it make a good date movie? :) Also, he hated the second one mostly due to Joan Cusack's voice. Is he going to hate this one for that reason, too?

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I'm gonna have to go eat some stake, fuck some chicks, and watch some Spike TV now....

Anyway, while this wasn't as funny as Toy Story 2, I thought the story and characters were the best in the trilogy. Very touching story.

Now I'm off to go do.... manly stuff.

EDIT: And the aforementioned steak will be uncooked.

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1. toy story 3 was absolutely flawless

2. hum4n after all wouldn't know a good movie if it bit him in the dick

This is why we keep you around Bleck. You always say exactly what everyone is thinking, but won't say because they're not rude, blunt, or grammatically apathetic enough to get away with it. Keep on trucking, dude.

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Toy Story 3 was a good way to round out the series. It took key themes from the first two films and cranked them up to 11. It's a brilliant send-off as well. I enjoyed it.

EDIT: The garbage man who keeps Lotso was Sid? Haha, I didn't notice that.

EDIT 2: Apparently it WASN'T Sid, but he does make a cameo as a different garbage man in the film.

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Up was a sappy ass movie I did not enjoy. I don't dig it man.

Cars was cool but it was like the least grossing movie after Finding Nemo. I have no idea why they decided to go with a second one. If anything they should have gone with a second Incredibles. The possibilities are endless with sequels for a super hero movie like that.

Long story short. Up was lame. Definitely not a favorite of mine.

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FACT: Up had an airship.

FACT: Airships are cool.

FACT: Airships can add coolness to other things, regardless of how cool they were before the addition of airships. It can even be just a percent of how cool the original thing is, but it's still adding to the overall coolness.

FACT: Up was already a pretty good movie to begin with.

SUMMERY: Up is good. By way of airship inclusion, it is better.

OK, time for Toy Story 3 comments.

It was good. I'd put it around Toy Story 2. The use of 3D was very limited. In fact, unless my eyes are slowly shutting down or something, I think there were points in the movie where there was no 3D. It was just... muted. I think that means that seeng it in 2D or 3D makes no real difference. Hell, the Disney logos had more 3D than the movie did.

Buy Day and Night was an awesome concept that they pulled off very well.

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