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Four badass shark babes


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Expectations: Four badass shark babes.

Reality: Three badass shark babes and one kind of nervous-looking shark babe.

OverCoat why would you mislead us like this.

Also, it really goes without saying at this point, but there's going to be porn of these characters all over the Internet in a few days.

EDIT: Actually, the video was uploaded on the 19th. So yeah, there is porn of these characters all over the Internet.

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Actually, the guy that made that game is a furrie. Just look up his name, and he has a page about him on... WikiFur? They have their own wiki now? Jesus christ, wikis have spread too far.

Also, his band is called "Furries In A Blender". And he's got a giant furry pic for everything he uses.

Furries, guys. FURRIES.

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Heheh, furries aside (Oh, god dont get me started on this one furry I met on another forum), this game looks pretty cool. I downloaded the demo, and made the first page of the online instruction manual my desktop for lulz. The demo's single level is quite well-done and has 2 difficulty levels with a training mode that gives infinite lives at the cost of having a score of 0. The scoring system is well made, the score being every time you land a a hit, your power multiplied by your live count is added to your score.

Another thing they have beyond the game to buy is the soundtrack, which looks to be very good from what Ive heard. the songs in the demo are nice, but the preview video of the soundtrack they posted is amazing.

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No, THIS is a TMNT ripoff. Also with sharks.

That was the first thing that came to mind, but I couldn't remember its (obvious) name. I remember being mad at them and the Biker Mice From Mars when I was little on the sole principle that I loved TMNT.

Anyway, they should totally have laser cannons strapped to their heads.

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