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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN!!! Fan Art Competition 39: Favorite Side Quest


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FAC 39

Theme: Favorite Side Quest

Welcome to the September 2010 edition of the Fan Art Competition (FAC)!

As winner of last month's competition, piendry gets to choose the theme!

2:35 PM - [lions]bonzai: so did you decide on "favorite side quest" as the theme

2:35 PM - kamikaze: sure

PM your entries to me by SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th.


and the winner is..................PIENDRY!!!

...once again.


it was very close this month!

Number One, DJ Mighty -- 3

Number Two, relyanCe -- 10

Number Three, piendry -- 19

Number Four, Jedi QuestMaster -- 16

Number Five, DarkLink42 -- 11

tune in soon for next month's theme <3


Here are the entries!!!

Number One

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four

Number Five

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted!

Please PM your top 3 picks to me by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1st.


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images from FAC 3 to FAC 10

Photobucket Albums from FAC 20 to present



PM your entries to me by SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th.

PM your top 3 picks to me by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1st.


Support this competition by wearing one of these fancy sig things, or make one of your own -




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I believe the theme is pretty open ended; any game, any character, just has to relate somehow to a side quest. Get creative!

I'm hoping not everyone is deterred by the theme, as it makes me sadfaced:


I also am thinking of a very hated side quest. Very...very hated. gahhhhhh

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