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OCR02112 - Shantae: Risky's Revenge "Baal Bhaagna"

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Good stuff. Very Bollywood-like indeed. Not really my cup of tea to be honest, but I applaud virt's versatility here. Is there a genre he can't take on?

On a related note, I LOVE "Through the Trees" in Shantae RR's OST. Very DKC-like in terms of mellowness. A remix of that would be awesome. I'm going to download this game soon since I missed out on the original.

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A mix this solid needs a new word to be created to describe how good it is. How about "Ri-sick-ulous"? I believe that will suffice.

Excellent atmosphere, flow, and something interesting at all times, a solid melody, and great supporting parts. Samples and production are great, and it's got a great beat. Nothing not to like.


highly recommended. :-D

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Yes! This is like the soundtrack of my childhood right here! Starting out it doesn't really have a "Bollywood" vibe; it's more of a "western guys writing 'Arabian' music vibe," but later on it sort of gets into some A.R. Rahman territory in terms of composition. But even then, there are those great sections where the melody sort of breaks into a more traditional melodic VGM section that could very well be written by one of the old school Japanese composers.

IN ANY CASE, all of that world-hopping makes for a groovy piece of music. Very awesome.

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Doesn't sound anything like "Bollywood" but awesome remix. Very fitting to a 2D old-school platformer. Thank you for the nostalgia. I love this remix.

On a related note, the only people who still makes music like this in today's games is Platinum Games. Rest just goes to Paris to record a full blown Hollywood Orchestra which pisses me off most of the time.

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Guys, I love you all! Thanks for the reviews and encouragement. I still lurk here frequently, but I'm really happy to submit music again. Actually a little nervous about whether my production quality is up to the site's standards nowadays -- there are too many pro-level musicians here to count anymore, it's insane.

Starting out it doesn't really have a "Bollywood" vibe; it's more of a "western guys writing 'Arabian' music vibe

Hahaha, BUSTED, that's something I beat myself up over the entire time; hearing other dudes do that makes me cry tears of blood, since it disregards 2000+ years of classical theory, and basically amounts to a mocking racist caricature.

My priority with music in general is to progress from pastiche to authenticity, which only comes with tons of study and immersion. Been listening to a metric assload of Carnatic music over the past few years, but it's not a field where you'll make much progress in a small amount of time (or, say, 10 lifetimes). At the very least, my semitic heritage grants me a +5 bonus to harmonic minor scales, so maqams are less of a stretch for me than ragas.

In hindsight I think I may actually have ended up closer to Lollywood / Lahore here --it's crazy how different the styles are in different areas of the subcontinent.

As an isolated fan of Banghra music

WORD. I like Bhangra even a little more than I like Bollywood soundtracks, because it's such a perfect fusion of folk music and hip hop and dance music all wrapped up in a crispy pakora of delight. Scratches several itches at once.

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i don't see how "authenticity" is an issue here. after all, jk is a western guy doing "eastern" music (where's the arabic?)

it's hard enough for a western middle eastern guy (me) to do middle eastern music (despite listening to a metric fuck ton of it) so i'm genuinely impressed by this "foray into eastern horizons!" lol

your next challenge, jk: tuvan throat singing

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I guess it took a virt remix for me to finally post something worth notating. With the sudden demise of VGmix, I've been out of the community for awhile. I'm not a composer, I'm a listener, and I've always been a fan of Jake's stuff, regardless of whether I recognize the source or not.

He's a got a creative spark all his own, that always seems to inspire multiple listens in a row. I can't describe how awesome it is to hear something new.

Lest I drown my keyboard in a mess of drool, I shall conclude with this.

I missed you virt. Loved the new mix. Peace.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02112 - Shantae: Risky's Revenge "Baal Bhaagna"

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