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Excellent 1UP Article about OCR!


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Straight out of the oven. Read through it and enjoyed it. I see that a lot of the OCR artists contributed opinions to the article as well. Good stuff, people.

There's just one blooper in page 4 that should be corrected: "Jillian Aversa, along with her brother Andrew Aversa and her spouse, have made their friends and family aware of the fact that musically-inclined individuals find a great deal of worth in game music."

Andy and Jillian are actually married not brothers. :)

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Very insightful article. All the remixers comments featured in the article go way beyond a fact based interview. There is alot of heart in there, pretty much a private thing. I love this family-feeling.

And of course you will always have the haters. If they can feed their e-penis that way - so be it.

My opinion still stands: if you can't be polite, be quiet :)

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I did have fun seeing those typos, but hopefully they'll get fixed soon. I had fun replying to a hater just now. Apparently all the music you guys are making is crap, and you're just adding drums. I wish I'd taken all that into account before YESing those all of those mixes!

Lockdown 3, it's coming!

I put my 2 cents in too. Some people, seriously...

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Reading Alain-Christian's other comment on other topics, he seems to be one of three things (or possibly some combination thereof):

1. A troll

2. An attention whore

3. A whiny man-child

He hates the PS1 because it "stole" the Dreamcast's proper place in history. He blasts a review for a game by saying that the reviewer obviously never played one of the game prior in the series. He swears at the littlest things. He bitches at people for stating opinions and argues over well established facts.

Simply put, he's just some random twit. He contributed nothing on 1Up.com, and his only purpose seems to be stirring up shit. From what I read about his comments on other articles, he gets shot down a lot by the other members. My guess is that's his lot in life; the guy that puts himself in front of the crowd so he can be trampled on.

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