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RIP Leslie Nielsen

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Still in complete shock about this. I knew he was old, but man...this guy was a staple of my childhood. Haven't been this crushed by a celeb death since Steve Irwin. Dennis Hopper was a big bummer too :(.

Him and Mel Brooks. Both 84, and among the greatest comedians to have ever lived. After those two we have Robin and Jim.

What sucks is Leslie wanted to do Naked Gun 4 -_-...hopefully Mel can do another film before he leaves us.

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I saw the news this afternoon. ;_;

My girlfriend and I were watching Spy Hard just last saturday.

Leslie Nielsen was one of the few actors I actually appreciate. He's sure got some funny stuff.

'Wrongfully accused' is one movie of his I'd like to see again. I've seen most of his other movies more than a couple of times already.

Now, to find some Police Squad clips :)

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