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OCRA-0020 - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Threshold of a Dream


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Don't know how that happened, I used what I've got. You're associated with the album in our database, FYI. If you can get me a bio ASAP, that'd be rockin'...

durr, i got your bio, and thought i'd put it in the list. don't know how that happened. forward what you had to djp and he'll get you in.

dave, is it in the bios.txt file that i included in the original .rar of everything?

that said, hooray! finally!

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I am in the process of putting it my iTunes, and I am so excited. I love albums, and this is just too much--we had DKC2 earlier in the semester, just a few months ago, and now not only is this a new album it's a ZELDA ALBUM, my favorite video game series. SO looking forward to this.

Thank you so much to all who worked on this sure-to-be-beautiful album.

just put on the first track and I am loving this already. totally brings one in the surroundings of Koholint Island. I am not as familiar with LA as I am with other Zelda games, but the music has always intrigued me.

I am applauding all of you who worked on this. Worth the wait.


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