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OCR01279 - Lords of the Realm II "The Siege of Kenilworth Castle"


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I feel like this song itself deserves to be in a video game. Many songs here do, but this one really captures that "Title Screen" epic that sets the gamers mind of what to come. The beginning has the fresh, introduction, while it slows down towards the middle, like a threat or decision is needed, then grows again, where the final battle is commencing and then is won, just like the song has.

The quality of the samples is something to inquire about, it's not bad, but it only makes me wonder what it would sound like with some otherwise crisp sounds from the brass category. He does test your skill though about pre-judging a piece from it's sound quality, and rather from it's beautiful arrangement.

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Quite different from my favorite protricity songs. Interesting to listen to, but nothing that really stands out as memorable (atleast when compared to Neighburgers).

A well constructed mix, however, and it's good to hear Prot diversify his bonds some more.

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I've been playing too much world of warcraft. This song is great when i think of adventuring across the land and all that medieval jazz. But i agree this is "background" music. at points it looses in power and can bore me. But still, amazing work on this one. Technique is great. I appreciate the work and effort taken.

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I don't think anybody can really flaw it's construction, though i think a little more creativity in movement from the mixes three main songs would have been interesting. Again, like other critics, this piece is really something you'd imagine as something off of a soundtrack to a film or game; something you didn't really notice whilst it was playing in the background. I don't think this is necessarily a negative point. Such tracks are good for listening to whilst working on something, or if you want something unintrusive while you're doing something like driving.

Actually the reason i wanted to post a review, was because i noticed the mixes name and smiled. I live in England (for those who don't know) and actually fough at Kenilworth castle earlier this year, with a re-enactment group that my friend belongs too. Had such a good time, and wouldn't have minded hearing this on the battlefield. I've got some pictures of the castle and event on my harddrive, in case anybody ever wants to see. Maybe i should make a thread sometime.

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The beginning is really catchy with the woodwinds phrase; and it brings a distinct medieval/celtic taste to it but the bass beat behind is pretty modern, so there's a nice contrast there. :) The brass samples are sound a little too synthy at 1:40, which happens again at 3:25. Most of the time it's only the trumpet's interjecting triplets/semi-quavers so they don't sound too exposed.

The dark tone of 5:00 is let down by that bass sample. I think there could be some fine-tuning in the balance at 6:00; it has alot of potential, but right now the sounds are a little ear piercing.

In all, I would say that the piece is well constructed, as previously mentioned, but is not quite background material. What I would say is that there's nothing particularly too distinctive in here. Perhaps there is a lack of direction; too much mechanicality involved in constructing and piecing up the song rather than a communication of thoughts through the music. I thought it lacked direction in the sense that it didn't communicate much to me.

Still, it's a great display of skill.

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This was always one of Sierra's better efforts. The game was so simple and intuitive that you could just pick it up and play it after a year of not having done so and remember everything in under a minute.

It didn't hurt, of course, that the music kept the game in your head. I still hum this crap all the time, even though I haven't touched the game in well over a year.

Excellent mix.

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This is an excellent piece. I really enjoy how it has a bit of a celtic lilt to it, especially at the beginning.

I have never played this game, but even so, listening to this mix I can visualize (however wrongly) how it might go into the game.

It would indeed be a title theme, probably the background to the intro to the game.

It would start off with the hero setting out, riding across the fields, plains and hills through day and night, about 0:40, it cuts into a panoramic cut of the princess the hero is going out to rescue, and the scene sweeps past her prison and into the sky, the camera catching a breath-taking view of the countryside, and quickly falling to the hero at about 1:10, who has just arrived at the castle or fortress and is about to face the challenge of some guards at the main gate.

The piece continues on as the hero does through the twists and traps of the castle, until about 4:05 when it softens slightly, as the hero meets up with the princess and they have to make their escape.

Shortly after, about 4:45 or so, they meet up with the ruler of the palace and at about 5:20, the battle ensues into a climactic melee before the gates.

About 7:00 the scene fades out, and the title reappears, having given the watcher just enough to really wet their appetite.

Now, I realize this is probably very wrong, however, this is simply how I, somebody who has not heard this piece before, nor has played the game, can envision this wonderful piece going. It really does make me want to look for the game and try it out.

Protricity, good job on this one!

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Hah! Lots of interesting interpretations thus far. Heres what I was imagining.

The somewhat celtic intro sets a pace, movement. Basically views of realms in england; castles and whatnot. If you played the game you'd know exactly what I'm looking at. 12th century, villages, castles, serfs, all that. Then a focus on one in perticular, Kenilworth. Following that, alternating themes describing the castle and surroundings. Those defending the castle are proud and do not believe they can be ta'in, yet they are still uneasy. A tense build-up, then slowdown as an approaching army shows up and lays a siege. Things get quiet and eerie as both sides regard eachother and know whats coming. Suddenly, the battle is joined and the castle attacks in the final theme which is indeed the battle music from the game. Again, if you played the game you'd know exactly how intense these battles tended to become. I wanted the last theme to build and build, then come to an abrupt end. A castle in ruins; a defeat.

This is one of my favorite games from the PC days of yore. Sure theres exploits and whatnot, but overall it was a large challenge. Very fun, very involved.

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Ah.. Sounds like a perfect symphony for a movie

Very dramatic the whole way through, the strings continue to show emotion through out the whole song

I felt that the drums were too repetitive for the first four minutes or so but you can't do much about that, everything on top of the percussion however was amazing

I liked the faster paced feel from around 5-6 minutes to the end but

A very impressive mix here Prot, too bad you're not around any more

He was quite helpful around the remixing forums

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This is one of my favorite games from the PC days of yore.

I definitely agree. I believe this would qualify as the first PC game I ever owned. I actually brought it back out a while ago to try out the multiplayer with my brother, and it was still excellent fun.

So I must thank you sir for your wonderful take on the epic music from this game.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01279 - Lords of the Realm II "The Siege of Kenilworth Castle"

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