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OCRA-0023 - Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks


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And to think I outgrew Pokemon...at least, I THOUGHT I DID.

Disc 1 appeals to me most cuz most of the tracks are from the original games

Faves being

My Greatest Rival (dude sounds kinda like brentalfloss)

Rain Prayer (the re-interpretation to the Road 2 Viridian City Theme is stuck in my head now. #_# It's a happy, mello feel. I LOVE IT.)

and...Battle for the Badge (they should make a PKMN game with these as BGMs. LOVE the guitars)

Oh, next fav is the JigglyPuff choir. (My only regret is that it's less than a minute)

As always, OCR never fails to disappoint. Thumbs up!!

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Congratulations to all of the remixers involved in this. Its been a long time coming, but it was well worth it. Its great to have some pokemon stuff on the site, hopefully it will inspire more pokemon remixes.

I wish I could have been involved from the start to work on more artwork, but im glad its done and dusted now.:tomatoface:

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You're kidding me. I had no clue until I listened to it after you brought that up, but now I'm recognizing some of the instruments. Nice job then. But I do have a much older version of Garageband, and I have been saving for Logic.

That was done in Garage Band 2.0 (iLife '05) on a first generation G5 iMac. Glad you liked it!

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I'm a bit disappointed that two of my favorite sources, Vermillion City and New Bark Town, didn't get placed on this album. My other two favorites, Pallet Town and Goldenrod City, both received some chiptune treatment from one of my personal favorites: halc (not to mention Ben Briggs too).

Unfortunately I was also a bit disappointed with the tracks. Personally I thought the original emotion behind both sources was lost in the remixes and that the artists took the tracks in their own direction, which could be good for you other folks out there. The tracks are not bad, just didn't click with me as I hoped.

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There are some songs missing from the FLAC version, is there a reason for this?

I like to think that we made two versions of the album. Missingno Tracks: MP3 Version and Missingno Tracks: FLAC Version. You have to get both to collect them all!

You guys know you were featured on Kotaku this morning, right?

And on Destructoid, as well as Pallet Tribune, Bulbapedia, and a number of other sites. Hell, even 4chan had some comments and reviews (but I avoided them because the people on /vp/ scare the shit out of me).

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It doesn't have drums or bass because I'd literally never tried to sequence any before, or even know how to. I think I subb'd the mix that just got posted about 4 months after I sent that clip to the damned. It was early early days for me, and others.

i remember when you sent this in. remember when you asked me for help on the drums? you were sequencing it with reason stock drums and couldn't get it to have any punch.

fishy was literally like 25 posts 'old' when we heard his first clips for this project. same with anso. i was in the 700s or so for my stuff, hadn't been around more than a year or so at that point. cerrax was a newbie, everyone was new.

lot of good memories involved with this project. the jigglypuff thing literally took like 20 minutes, but was pretty hilarious at the time. the forums were always a blast, so goofy all the time. i probably had 500 or 600 posts there in the first year before my involvement in the project waned. there's also the time i used my mod powers to give me 1337 posts.

also, in other news, jaroban is awesome.

downloading now, gotta listen to this over the weekend.

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I thought it would be appropriate to post these in the review thread, so everyone knows just what they're getting themselves into:

I know OCR albums tend to be a bit hit & miss, but My Greatest Rival is one of the most goddawful 'songs' I've ever heard.
Also, if you're going to download the .zip, delete My Greatest Rival. S***'s garbage.
Essa My greatest Rival começou épica pra caralho, aí veio um truta cantando e fodeu a porra toda.

[Rough translation: "My Greatest Rival started out epic as hell, and then a singing trout came in and f***d everything up."]

My Greatest Rival is atrocious if only for the fuckawful vocals
Fourth track has both over-long intro with no relevance or tonal/melodic coherence with the rest of the track and vocals from people who aren't good at singing! That's double for your money! (lyrics are also terribles)

[And why
you listen to the intro carefully if it makes you want to hurl?]

Disc 1, Track 4, immediately deleted. Probably the worst OCR song I've ever heard. But I'm sure it'll probably be the most popular with the tweeny-group just for saying 'bigger pokeballs' repeatedly. It's bland, the rythm feels way off, most of the lyrics are incredibly bland and predictable...it's just a chore to listen to, and worse, it's a good song in Soul Silver, so it's very disappointing to hear it being completely ripped apart so early in the album. I get the feeling they really built the song entirely on trying to get a giggle out of saying 'bigger pokeballs' and forgot to actually make the song something you can listen to.


I've been compiling these on my blog because I draw strength from their ire ^^

If you see more, let me know.

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Oh, Willrock and I just banged out the details.

Check it out:

Where? irc.esper.net/OCRListeningParty

When? Sunday the 6th, at 6pm and 12am GMT. For your time zone, check here and see what time that is locally.

Whoa, wait, two times? I know, that's crazy! But crazy like a Ninetails, and here is why.

The first listening party is The Missingno Tracks Listening Party: Awesome Edition, and the second one is The Missingno Tracks Listening Party: Cool Edition. Both feature lots of awesomeness and coolness!

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I enjoyed a lot of the album overall. Frankly it's good.

That said, I'm really surprised at some of the songs that actually got in to it, and frankly I thought they weren't really up to par with a lot of the songs I know OCR is so famous for. A good example of this is for sure, the Jigglypuff Song. Now I am a sucker for vocal tracks, and an accapella is cool, but the song was way too short, it had very little deviation from the source material at all, and frankly the song choice was kind of awkward.

What didn't surprise me at all, but was still a bit of a disappointment, was still the fact that almost all of the source material is taken from the very first games, Red and Green. Not that Red and Green had bad music, its just that later games in the series such as Ruby and Sapphire and Diamond and Pearl, which had beautiful tracks in them basically never got a chance to shine at all, the songs chosen for remix for Diamond and Pearl being some of the most lackluster. Except of course route 225 which is generally awesome, which still could have been better if they'd based the remix off of the Night edition of the song; but then again that is really just me being nitpicky. Ruby and Sapphire had an amazing soundtrack *Cough*Route 113, The Abandoned Ship* and personally has the best one in the series, so I was a bit saddened to see that not get played with, but to each his own. I did love the fact that you included the Dewford song. Makes up for the lack of others. Really it does, because it's without a doubt one of the best.

I have to say I enjoyed the album, but some of the tracks, "My Greatest Rival" (which is just silly,) and "Jiggly Choir" (which is beautiful but way too short... wait a minute most of them are short; but... okay this one is REALLY short) for example being examples of missed opportunities. I know, I know, I enjoy stuff by Star Salzman, how can I be hating on "My Greatest Rival?" well, i think that it doesn't have the charisma that it should for this kind of track really.

"Divine Olivine", "Blue Haze", "Casino Lounge", and "Shades of Red" are perfect examples of what is definitely right with this album. Oh and the saxophone in "Viridian Vibe" and "May I have this Swords Dance" is just sexy. Just sayin.

Coincidentally I'm not griping about how short the opening of the album is because that IS the opening of the album and as an intro it is more than likely meant to be short. Besides it bridges into the second song and works well.

7.5/10 More hits than misses. The length for some of the songs should probably be increased.

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it's worth noting that the original project concept was to do music specifically from RBY, and as such most of the songs are from that initial set of games.

it's also worth noting that jigglypuff was a joke.

i've said for a long time that the point of projects is that it allows for more songs that aren't necessarily either up to OCR's standards or fitting into OCR's guidelines. more often than not, these songs still are fun to listen to and are enjoyable, but they're just not quite something that OCR could really release on the main page.

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Finally got the time to listen to the whole thing! And I'm blown away by the quality of the tracks, even if the project is quite (very) old!

So far, my favorites are Fishy's ROCKING tracks, "My Greatest Rival" (loved the Anime theme cameo) and Cerrax's arrangement. All others are awesome too.

And I lol'd hard at the Jiggypuff song! Nice job, DA!

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