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OCR02192 - Pokémon Diamond Version "Bullet for My Piloswine"


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I'm actually quite honored to get in the debut post for this album. It was the first album I joined, the one i've contributed most to (MMX doesn't count since more than half of those were GMRB mixes).

Also, being a game of my childhood, these games really meant alot to me, and was great fun remixing them. Not to mention, this project was the home of my first attempts at various styles (namely rock music) and also the first time I ever did a collab (with rozo)

This collab was a bit of an experiment in style change ups mid remix. Not done anything like that before, and working with Protodome and halc was alot of fun.

Also, protodome and halc get credit for coming up with the title and putting in that infamous quote in the intro, both things I consider master strokes in making this remix more appealing (I think) and stuff I would NEVER have thought of adding myself.

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Wow, this has to be one of THE BEST OCR albums I've listened to so far. This song is one of four songs I am now constantly listening to. The track reminds me of something like.....well, I don't know what it reminds me of, except for the themes that were ReMixed.

Props to all three of you guys, you did great! :)

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You know, when I first saw this pop up in the to be posted list, I thought this was going to be a Bullet For My Valentine parody. But I guess that's where the puns end and the amusing tracks start; and let me say this now, I absolutely LOVED both sources you guys used!

So, taking aside the not-quite-as-relevant-yet-cheesy anime quote at the beginning, what we have here is a track that manages to fit the uber-happy post-success feel of Route 225, and for the most part its involvment stays really safe to the source, though the additions to the source - and in halc's case some alterations to the melody via the chiptune elements - expresses the nature of all three artists as the track is manipulated.

Even the WillRock solo brought in afterwards was really precise and fitted some kind of Journey-like twang to the track, and with the kind of flexibility thrown in to the hammered notes, it manages to adapt remarkably well with this nostalgic approach. Nice going, man :nicework:

The manipulation to the source taken aboard prior to leading into the G/S credits section may not have been the best way to go about it with the mechanical piano, but given its use as a bridge it could probably be excused. I had chills going through the last minute simply for the strange relevance relating to Pokemon games in general - you can do all you want after defeating the Elite Four, but you can always beat the crap out of them all over again and still feel fulfilled multiple times over; a sign that there's no end at all to being a Pokemon master :)

Please excuse my reflective nature, but the stylistic approach from all three artists managed to create something that hit the sources nail on the head and showed a great amount of expression from all three of them. I can easily say this is one of my favorite tracks from MissingNo, so way to go you three!

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Ha, nice intro. I have to say that the title is a complete and utter win. Loving the guitar, piano and overall arrangement and the production sounds top notch. Everything just blends in perfectly between the different unique styles from you three. This is one of the best tracks off the album for sure.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02192 - Pokémon Diamond Version "Bullet for My Piloswine"

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