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Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011


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After the tragic drowning of Heat Man, DarkeSword embarked on a journey to the sun to foil the Toad Gang’s heist. He packed some ice cream nachos as a snack, and was accompanied by Excalibur, a sheep in skull’s clothing who had just recovered from flash warts.

In space, Excalibur said, “Gee, it’s hard [to] breathe.” Darkesword replied, :-/

Along the way, the two encountered the nefarious Bots of Rage. Luckily, Excalibur brought along his WoodChipper, a powerful, if not slightly nostalgically 80’s, weapon.

“Bombs away!” Excalibur exclaimed, unleashing the might of the WoodChipper, a virtual walking weapons unit.

“GnB!! GnB!!” the WoodChipper sounded as it encapsulated heat and scorched ice.

“I’m sending you to where sheep go when they die!” shouted Excalibur, with such force that he was emitting bleats of lightning.

With that, a mighty magnetized spring punch obliterated the bots of rage.

“Ha! I’m blowin’em outta the water!” said Excalibur.

“You know,” DarkeSword said to Excalibur.

“You really spring my bubble.”

“With you, my adamantium slinky goes to space.” responded Excalibur

However, their moment of platonic camaraderie was interrupted by jungle sparks.

One Bot of Rage had survived: the Insulator!!

“Jumping flash!” exclaimed DarkeSword.

“It’s pure simplicity how I survived,” said Insulator. “I’m groundbased!”

“Now it’s time to slice the snake!” Insulator said threateningly.

“We’re hardly clubbed to death yet!!” responded DarkeSword.

Then DarkeSword made a deep impact in Insulator’s power core using his Switchblade Fangs.

“It’s apocalypse now for you, Insulator!” said DarkeSword wryly.

Just as DarkeSword and Excalibur were celebrating, however, there was a total eclipse of the sun.

“The Toad Gang!” they both cried. “Let’s spring into the inferno!”

Using a space dirtbike, they hurried to the sun, which didn’t take long because there isn’t any air friction in space.

Arriving at the sun, they caught the Toad Gang in the middle of stealing all of the jewels from the Suncoils, which was causing the sun to burn out.

In fact, the Toad Gang had already captured the Thunderstone, the Shocked Quartz, and most importantly, the Diamond (after all, a diamond lasts forever).

The only jewel remaining was the Evolving Emerald.

Upon seeing the WoodChipper, though, the Toad Gang abandoned their loot and fled.

They didn’t leave completely empty handed, though: they had taken the Wonderful Shadows by the Electric Sheep Orchestra, a powerful device when combined with the Order of the Groove.

The Order is located in Blackout Tower back on Earth, and DarkeSword knew of the dire consequences of the Toad Gang gaining the power from combining Shadows with the Order.

Excalibur and DarkeSword, after restoring the Suncoils, pursued the Toad Gang to Blackout Tower, deep underwater in the Ocean for Two.

Although the Toad Gang had sealed the Tower shut, DarkeSword and Excalibur met up with the Lady in the Water, who helped the two into the fortress using her Windswept Bubbles.

“And this is the way we crash the party!!” yelled DarkeSword and Excalibur as they entered the Tower.

They were too late, though, arriving just in time to see the Toad Gang with the Wonderful Shadows plug into the Order of the Groove.

This unleashed Serpentine Static, a snake composed of pure electricity, powered by the nearly limitless energy of the Power Plant in the Kingdom.

The monster used Slithering Shock, which turned the Tower into a veritable shocking sewer, destroying the WoodChipper and nearly killing Excalibur.

Enraged, DarkeSword exclaimed “I’m gonna slice the snake!!” which, after some overly dramatic exclamations, he did using his Switchblade Fangs.

This was to no effect, though, since Serpentine Static still had all the power of the Power Plant.

DarkeSword then realized what he needed to do: “I need to pull the plug,” meaning disconnect the Wonderful Shadows from the Order of the Groove.

Because of his bubbling adrenaline, DarkeSword prevailed.

With the Toad Gang conveniently destroyed by Serpentine Static’s dying explosion, DarkeSword was able to check on his comrade Excalibur.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“I’m thirsty.” Excalibur responded.

“Well, it’s a hard day’s night,” DarkeSword said in reply.

“Let’s find some summer shade to relax in with a drink.”

And that they did.

With Heat Man’s death avenged, DarkeSword was able to rest easy.

In the end, everyone learned an important lesson: Save a Horse (Ride a Transformer).

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Cool story bro :-o

I just wanna point out that Excalibur and Lady in the Water are the same person, just that Excalibur later becomes the lady in the water after accidentally being trapped under ice by Merlin. :-o And she's a little girl, not a man.. and this story thoroughly confuses me 8O

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Cool story bro :-o

I just wanna point out that Excalibur and Lady in the Water are the same person, just that Excalibur later becomes the lady in the water after accidentally being trapped under ice by Merlin. :-o And she's a little girl, not a man.. and this story thoroughly confuses me 8O

Wasn't Excalibur a sword, given to King Arthur by the lady in the water?

But some person could easily just have been named Excalibur. There are weirder names.

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Just for fun, and as a nostalgic visit through the tournament, I made a list of my top ten favorites. Note that this is all personal opinion, and some of these didn't even win. In order; with most favorite at the top.

1. Save a Horse (Ride a Transformer)

2. Blackout Tower

3. The Toad Gang's Heist

4. Journey to the Sun

5. Tragic Drowning of Heat Man

6. Hardly Clubbed to Death

7. Bots of Rage

8. Thirsty

9. Jumping Flash!

10. Lady in the Water

Let's just say I left the final round out of this. Because otherwise it'd have to be my top 12 list, and that just doesn't have the same vibe ;). Plus, I don't know if I could figure out exactly where I'd want to put the final entry ones... that'd be hard to figure out.

As a side note, I kinda wish I had room to add in some Willrock and Jakesnke. Cuz Pull the Plug, WoodChipper, and Switchblade fangs were amazing too, and still in my 'favorites of this tournament, love it when they come up on shuffle' category. Maybe I should have made this a top 15 :P It would go:

1. Save a Horse (Ride a Transformer)

2. Blackout Tower

3. The Toad Gang's Heist

4. Jungle Sparks

5. Journey to the Sun

6. Tragic Drowning of Heat Man

7. Hardly Clubbed to Death

8. Magnetized Spring Punch

9. Bots of Rage

10. Thirsty

11. Jumping Flash!

12. Lady in the Water

13. Pull the Plug

14. Switchblade Fangs

15. WoodChipper

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, this year's Grand Robot Master Remix Battle has come to a close with WillRock coming out ahead in the final battle. Congratulations to both him and prophetik for making it all the way to the finals, and to all of the competitors for consistently putting out some awesome tracks every week.

I'm going to take a couple of weeks off before I start my next competition. Grand Maverick Remix Battle will be pushed off a bit to make room for what I have planned for the fall. It's a bit of a different format and may possibly yield less music overall, but I think it'll be really fun for a lot of people.

Rest assured, I will be doing another GMRB; if not this year, then very early next year (think January).

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