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Shnabubula IGN Video for Metroid 25th + Hip Tanaka Tweets About It!

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Hey everyone, in wake of the Metroid 25th Anniversary, Sam and his friend Gabe made a tribute song for IGN.

Sam literally mixed and recorded this baby in two days at IGN's request. It's a whopping ten minutes + long, with songs from 4 of the games. I can stop listening to it. :J

Here's the link to the article at IGN: In Honor of Metroid's 25th Anniversary

And here's a link to the Youtube Video itself.

Okay cool, it's posted on OCR.

Here's the original render.

Also if you haven't seen it, Sam got a feature about a week ago on IGN for his

which is also badass.

Check these out, get some likes and OCR support in there and hopefully there are more features to come!

And as he's already posted, his new album is coming out, so yeah a lot of activity in Shnabubula land!

Congrats for the feature Sam and hopefully there will be more to come!

Another Edit: Oh awesome! Hip Tanaka tweeted about it *_*

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I don't need to comment on Sam's awesome abilities.

I will comment, though, on the upcoming 25th anniversary album that IGN didn't comment on. I mean really...

... oh all right, I'll comment on Sam as well - he's a badass at arranging VG music. He's also a badass at chiptune music. He's just... badass.

The violinist was also pretty rockin', too - some of the percussion techniques were very well placed.

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Hmmm, he does get credit at the IGN website plug of the video itself, but I guess they didn't give proper credit on Youtube.

Edit: With permission I will edit the first post for the link to the MP3.

Another Edit: Hip Takana tweeted about it. Sweet!

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