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[Free Album Release] Dynamite Headdy ~ Secret Bonus Point

Dj Mokram

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Dj Mokram in association with Nitro Game Injection, present:

Dynamite Headdy ~ Secret Bonus Point




Trailer: Vimeo /

Secret Bonus Point is a tribute album to Dynamite Headdy, a sidescroller-platforming/shooting game developed by Treasure Co. Ltd. and published by SEGA for the Genesis/Mega Drive in 1994. Featuring 26 arrangements in a variety of styles by 14 artists, SBP pays homage to the soundtrack composed by Nazo² Unit (Katsuhiko Suzuki, Norio Hanzawa, Aki Hata, Koji Yamada and Yasuko). The album is divided into 4 chapters, reenacting the story of Headdy and his friends, fighting for their beliefs against the evil Dark Demon King, in order to save the Puppet Kingdom from its oppressive ruler.

Secret Bonus Point was born as a response to this remix request. You can learn more about it and download the album for free at: http://dhsbp.kngi.org

Have a seat, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the show. :)

# Act 1 - Once Upon a Toy #

01. Calm Before the Storm ~ Dj Mokram , Swann & DusK

02. Redbot Gives You Wings ~ DusK

03. March of the Missiles ~ Hylian Lemon

04. Jelly Bean ~ Dj Mokram

05. To a Paradise -03 ~ sci

06. DDown the dddrain ~ sci & Dj Mokram (interlude)

# Act 2 - Serious Puppet Business #

07. Rise with the Sun ~ Dj Mokram

08. Trouble Brewin' ~ Flexstyle

09. Danz Danz Revolution ~ Dj Mokram

10. Stop the Gatekeeper ~ NilliX

11. Last Puppet Standing ~ Dj Mokram

12. Hit the Stage ~ Selios

13. Shrederella ~ DusK

14. Hold on Gang ~ DusK (interlude)

# Act 3 - Trial and Terror #

15. Zenpyo! ~ DusK & Dj Mokram

16. Keymaster Disaster ~ Chernabogue

17. Another Try ~ Dj Mokram

18. Mach Speed ~ NintenJoe 64

19. Maru was a Punk Rocker ~ Dusk

20. This World is Mine ~ Allan Grant & the Velociraptors, Dj Mokram

21. The Glory and a Smiley Badge ~ Tuberz McGee, Dj Mokram (interlude)

# Act 4 - A superstar needs R&R #

22. In Over Your Head ~ DusK

23. No Strings Attached ~ Level 99

24. Stary Night Dial ~ Dj Mokram

25. Towering Bliss ~ EC

26. Curtain Call ~ Swann

Note: This album was crafted with gapless playback in mind, to be listened in one go. Please consult the read-me file contained in the archive for details.

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I'm a little bit intimidated that my track is the second to last, but I'm downloading it right now (slow ass IE.... blech)... When I do I will definitely post some thoughts. I've been waiting to here the other people on this project forever now : D

All the same, you really did a good lion's share of work getting this off the ground, mokram! You should be proud of yerself!

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I've been busy, so I've only listened through the thing thus far as a first over.

First impressions:

The tracks that really stand out are: the fantastic remix of the puppet-master/gentleman jim boss theme, maruyama's boss remix (both of them!), Stop the Gatekeeper, the ending credits remix, and that really excellent Tower of Puppet remix!

: p

But so far, it's really good stuff.

Dark Demon:

I think it's a little hard to make a metal band sing about toys and puppets and still sound threatening, but the song is nice in a cheesy sort of way.

Oh, the golden room door remix took a really simple motif and really expanded on it in a fun and funky-fresh way... I liked that a lot more than I thought I would, considering the source!

And I love the live performance (?) of Ballad for You. Along with Dark Demon, it was my favorite song in the game, and i'm glad it got an appropriate treatment.

I'll post more thoughts as I have time to really give this a good listen... I still have Harmony of a Hunter to go through!

It makes me quite proud to be part of a project with so many great tracks that do their sources justice while still being able to stand on their own.

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Yeaaaah, Mokram man! Great work on finishing this project here! And to all the musicians involved, congrats on a job well done!

I pimped it out when i heard it released. Got a few words of praise here for you -

Ruben - "Oh man, I freaking LOVE Dynamite Headdy! =D *checks immediately*"

Jon - "Thanks for sharing this. I'm not a necessarily a Dynamite Headdy fan but this music is pretty kick ass."

Richard - "Whaaaaaaaaaat holy shit YOU FOUND A SECRET BONUS POINT~

I still rock that game on my Genisis"

One of the best ones is from T-Bird, a main contributer to the online Sonic the Hedgehog community -

"Awww sick! One of my favourite MD games this! Thank you for showing me my evening's aural stimulation! Yeeesssss!"

He then proceeded to pimp out the album too over his Twitter account! XD

Good responses from my side of the fence, man!

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Really great job, everyone. Despite falling off a cliff somewhere along the project, I'm glad I was able to eventually crawl back on board and be a part of it.

Just downloaded the full album and I'm giving it a thorough seeing to, and will be for the rest of the month. I'll see to it that Facebook, Twitter and real friends do as well :twisted:

Again, excellent stuff, guys! :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

hey guise am I late?

when I first took a listen, I noticed two things:

1. my song sounds a lot better in context

2. I was pretty sure there was a missing gap of frequencies.

The latter feeling went away eventually, though I'm still pretty sure some of the higher frequencies have been reduced.

my chips don't sound as harsh. D:

still, this release is a fun one.

I'm one of the guys who's never actually played the game.

but these remixes are great.

a few favorites:

Hylian Lemon - March of the Missiles

Dj Mokram - Jelly Bean

Flexstyle - Trouble Brewin'

DusK, Dj Mokram - Zenpyo!

...and then some.

good stuff.

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