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I did it once and I'll never do it again

Jax Mandrake

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3 things come to my mind:

1st: GTA: San Andreas 100% completion. It took me days and weeks even with downloaded maps.

2nd: Getting the "Order of Ambrosia" rank on FF 12. My save file was at about 320 hours of playing, and I beat Yiazmat, Omega, and got all Sky Pirate's Den awards.

3rd: Digimon World 3, getting all digivolutions and legendary weapons. If I remember correctly, the save file was at some 650 hours...

Damn, I was a pretty lifeless kid :mrgreen:

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Found all Riddler's riddles in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Without any help.
Yeah, same here.
But would you do it in Arkham City?

Most recently though, I got the Golden God achievement on Super Meat Boy, after finally beating that stupid Skyscraper warp zone (

). I actually went one beyond that, nabbing an A+ on every single stage in the game, including dark worlds and the bonus Cotton Alley stages. I'm not sure if clearing the -1 worlds counts toward the 100%, but I did that, too.

Half of me wants to do all of the no-death runs of every world, but nope. Nope nope nope, that is not happening.

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if a game starts becoming a chore rather than fun that's usually the point when I stop playing it completely. who gives a fuck about collecting all of the stars or getting a certain time in a race unless there's an actual reward or it's fun to do. collecting shit is so boring and I very rarely get 100% in most games. the closest I can think of is getting all of the medals for games in the wipeout series, but usually those goals are set to be just challenging enough to be intrinscally rewarding and help you to hone your skills. or maybe playing the fuck out of certain modes in DOA or Soul Caliber to unlock alternate costumes and characters, but it's still fun playing the game and at least you have some eye candy as a reward.

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Sooo many things, but one thing I can think of right away is getting the highest ranking on this one Floyd mission in Jet Force Gemini. You have to race through this first-person obstacle course, picking up a bunch of items, and blowing up several others, and you have to do everything as smoothly as possible, because you have essentially no margin for error. I flat-out quit playing the game the first time because I got so sick of failing it, and it took me several hours the next time around to finally get through it. Never touching that again.

Holy crap dude, those were so hard to get gold on. Respect for this one!

Things I've done but won't ever do again are the GTA IV "Liberty City Minute" achievement - blazed through the game in about 8 hours, or was it 6? I don't care, I got the G's for that.

CoD 4 - The epilogue in the plane. 1 minute is such a hard time, although it was actually the most fun level on veteran. The others were just pointlessly and annoyingly hard for the sake of it, and not in a challenging way either. It was just a race to checkpoints, no fun at all. Same for all CoD games on veteran, really.

Silver PP7 cheat on GoldenEye - Hardest cheat to earn by far, and it's not even really worth it, apart from the sense of completion. Train, 00 agent, 5:25 if you're wondering. I still remember...

Caught 'em all in Generation 1 and all I got was that lousy certificate.

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Here's another one: getting every single medal on the Freeflow and Predator challenges in Batman: Arkham Asylum. There were one or two of the Freeflow ones in particular that damn near killed me.

Strangely, I didn't find getting all of the Riddler challenges to be all that hard. I grabbed the majority of them just through playing, and once you find the map for each area, the rest don't take long to track down.

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Grinding to find the Pink Tail in Final Fantasy IV.

Quoted from the FF4 album thread:

I've killed that green dragon at least 40 times. He still hasn't given up his tail.
I've done absolutely nothing except collect tails since lvl 64. I am now lvl 92. You know how many tails I've got? Zero.

And for the record.....I never got that pink tail.

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