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VGDJ: The Official OCR Podcast

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So...I'm not sure about everyone else, but seeing as they've not released a new episode for awhile, i'd forgotten to


Maybe it was just me, though.

Just because they're on hiatus doesn't mean we can't support them.

My week is incomplete without VGDJ 8O

I've listened to every show at least 4 times each to try and get my fix


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VGDJ! return to us! i've got all the shows since pixie and zircon joined (and the wingless ones)

i can't believe i will wake up staurday and not listen to your......stuff

Tell me about it, I used to save them for monday at work, it helped it go by quicker. But now my mondays suck even more. :cry:


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The results from our survey revealed that hardly any of our listener base actually discovered us through Podcast Alley, so we actually made a conscious choice not to remind people to vote this month. It just didn't feel worth keeping track of, y'know?

However, I do know of a fellow podcaster that heard of your show through PodcastAlley.com. Shocker, mmm?

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