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Private albums will still publicly announce game(s) being worked on


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Brief announcement: We've had private album projects in the past, and for the last few months we've had two, and there's an issue that comes up where someone else in the community unknowingly starts their OWN project of the same game.

To be 110% clear, we don't officially prohibit this, but we'd also prefer to not post two albums from the same game back-to-back, so it CAN affect release cycles.

We've recently decided (duh) that it's not fair to the community to have these private projects be COMPLETELY private - at the very least, we're going to announce the names of games being worked on, so would-be directors can decide for themselves whether to start their own projects from the same games. Again, to be clear, these are private albums being run by directors who prefer to do things that way, which IS an option that we respect & allow, so we're not going to release any additional information about these projects OTHER than the game name, and we ask that everyone respect the wishes of the director(s) who choose to run their projects this way. By the same token, though, we decided that keeping the actual names of the games private was problematic & not transparent.

The names of the games will be maintained at the thread @ http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=25764

The two current private projects already in process are Final Fantasy 6 & Banjo Kazooie.

There is a third private project that we were going to announce the game for, but it's going to become public in about a week, so the director is waiting to make that announcement.

Questions, just let us know, and we apologize for any confusion that has resulted from keeping these or other projects' games private in the past.

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erm i think if the album is private it would be a good idea to not even announce who is running the project perhaps, so people cant bug that person.

either way tho this idea makes perfect sense in my eyes.

hopefully it won't matter to many people.

We don't mention who's doing it, it is listed as private on the album tracking thread :) Definitely don't want people bugging those directors!

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This must've been a tough call, but I can definitely see the reasoning and necessity of making private albums semi-public. The games being revealed will help would-be directors know what their options are and keep people from signing up and working on tracks only to find out that 2 weeks later the album is already being worked on by a completely different group.

It kills some of the surprise and mystery, but it's for a good reason.

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This is definitely a necessary policy. It's not fair to keep the existence of any project a secret, which then leads to duplicates. Nobody likes that, especially the people who get involved with a project, only to discover it has already been done.

I have a question, where does this leave the unofficial FF6 and Banjo-Kazooie projects? Will they be allowed to continue, or is that up to the directors to discuss with each other?

EDIT: Not that I have a problem with private/closed projects.

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Good idea. It'll avoid people to start more projects without knowing what's already in the works!

I think it should have the opposite effect on people.

I could go off on a big rant here but the gist of it is, I really do not like or respect secret, private projects, for the simple reason that they don't give the community a chance for inclusion. If it was a SOLO album, then SURE -- all the more power to it, but when it's what the noobs refer to as an "elitist" secret project, and for a game as beloved as FF6, I am not cool with that in the least. And there's the condensed version of my rant. Thanks. :-D

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They can continue, they just wouldn't be released/published anytime soon. Probably years.

Um...that's a bit of misinformation. Not sure where you're getting "years" from.

They can continue, but the directors have to keep in mind that since there's another project for the same game, the releases will have to be spaced out.

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Personally, I don't see why everyone is getting so bent out of shape over this. It's not like this is the first time there's been multiple albums for the same soundtrack(s).

Chrono Symphonic > Chronotorious

Relics of the Chozo > Harmony of a Hunter > Metroid Arrange 25th Anniversary Album

So what if they're running concurrently; this only shows that there's an immense amount of love and appreciation for the soundtracks in question. And hey, you can never have too many quality remixes, now can you?

(and in regards to FF6 specifically, it has Terra's Theme. I guess the overmixage is now spreading to the rest of the soundtrack... :P)

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