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Studio secrets, yours now for only $79.95


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We here at NO. Resubmit incorporate are proud to present Killer. Studio. Chops. Advanced edition for your consumption at a bargain basement price of $79.95


That's right folks, You too can own a set of studio chops and amaze your friends!

With Killer Studio Chops you can:

  • Amaze your friends
  • Stick it to some judges with your mad skills
  • Receive a complimentary music degree from NO. inc. signed by Zircon and the Birmingham Institute of Music*
  • Play crazy guitar licks from the likes of Fred Durst, Herman Li** and Noel Edmunds!***
  • Remix songs at +20 DB like a Boss and still have audiences begging for more.
  • Drop it like it's hot, burn eardrums with skills that people dedicating 15 years to practicing can only dream of****

*Not a real institute of music

**Requires software to speed up guitar playing.

***Requires a beard.

****Requires access to the hyperbolic time chamber.

Offer ends this Friday, Only one purchase per customer. Purchase does not guarantee a set of killer studio chops. No refunds.

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I am a buyer of a bulk bundle for me and my entire music group at school and can confirm the package does indeed self-animate as such.

NO. Inc. is pretty generous, their EDU discount clocks in at $49.95 per person, and an additional $39.95 for every person after the second. That's only $89.95 for the third guy, and $129.95 for the fourth, and so on. So cheap!

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