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OCR02417 - Mega Man 2 "Laser Quick"


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My last mixpost was on Friday the 13th too.... muahahaha :<

Next Friday the 13th is in July.

I'll be expecting another post on this date.

Better do it guys. It's your own fault.

I ALWAYS love what TGH here does. He's incredible.

He brings so many things to the table, keeping it fresh every time, while retaining his own sound.

I wish TGH a prosperous future in terms of music. He deserves it.

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:tomatoface: I'll post a real review.

I really do love this song. IMO this is probably the mark where you really started definitely developing your current style in remixing / music in general (but even then you've changed so much) Maybe the whips memory did too, but this is definitely close to your newer house stuff. I absolutely love this song because I'm a sucker for long, drawn out slides on synths built into the melody.

The ambience at 2:23 was awesome of course, and the drop afterwards was absolutely epic. Seemed like the song was going to end for a second, and it came back full throttle. Very cool. The ending was kind of funky which I really liked.

This should be an insta download for any electro fans. It's super catchy, and just "cool". Yeah that's the only word I can think of.

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At the risk of garnering hate, gotta say I very slightly agree with urdailypee. (Very very slightly, VERY slightly, just in as much as I think it could have used slightly more effort). This is a really nice mix and it sounds great, and is nice and clear on my monitors, but it seems to meander a bit too much which is something that you notice from time to time with electronica mixes... It has a really nice verse and a chorus and the break at 2:20 is really awesome, but throughout the majority of the song, it lingers on the same four on the floor drum pattern. After the initial repetition, it would have been cool to hear some kind of drastic change with the patterns in the arrangement instead of coming back to that same part. The kick drum does seem to be a bit too upfront but that's a minor gripe. I don't want you to think I am h8in' TGH because I do really enjoy this song and your work, just sharing some thoughts. I don't think the flaws detract from the song too much and it is still quite enjoyable.

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It's got some serious hard-hitting bass, I'll give you that. A lot of the techno-ey parts tend to get old after a while. The change of pace around 2/3 was an important edition. The remix went pretty well. So don't sweat things too much, TheStringedInstrumentChampion. He's right to an extent, but it's hardly ruining Quick Man or anything. I'd say high 7's, low 8's.

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Hearing the upbeat electronia dance beat influence for PR in here, but TGH still managed to put a pulsating spin on it that gives it life. The second half of the ReMix is where it really seems to shine and switch things up, but overall, lots of energy and a good beat makes this enjoyable.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02417 - Mega Man 2 "Laser Quick"

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