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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2012


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I can't help but feel like this is a sex joke, and that's ok.

... and if that's the case, 8 hours of it would probably be fatal to everyone involved.

For fear of being moderated, I neither admit nor deny whether it was, in fact, a joke of a sexual nature.

And that's some serious drilling to be fatal.

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If we wait longer, we'll be doing the later rounds during midterms, which sounds awful. I'm all for starting this as soon as we can. Any news on the brackets, Darke? At the very least, I think it'd help for us to have a rough idea when this is happening so we can plan around it.

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I'm sure he will start this saturday or next one

If he starts THIS Saturday, most of us will be in some DEEP shit prep-wise :P

oh and Darke, will you just post the X bracket, so that way, those in the Zero one will not be able to start earlier and also, this will keep some suspend.

That's how he does it pretty much every time. No worries man

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