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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2012


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I know, whining won't help, but I'm so frustrated that I didn't find the idea for my mix earlier. Now I changed a lot of things, and it sounds better (but not suited for the competition, because I dropped the Storm Owl part) :(

Post it in the WIP forum or on here after this week's voting ends!! We want to hear it!

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My short reviews for this round:

1-Yami vs Ivan Hakstok : Yami's track is pretty moody, some transitions are needed between sections. The chords near the end sound pretty dry and take too much prominence. I'll go with Hakstok on this one, which delivered an awesome rock rendition. Good use of both themes, I liked how you made the synths work with this.

2-Zerothemaster vs jnWake : Good ideas in ZTM's track, but it felt kind of empty at times, the transitions and combinations between the two themes could have been smoother. Cool drop at 2:38. JnWake's get my vote: good use of both themes, very nice soundscape and arrangement, nice use of the piano through the arrangement.

3-Theory of N vs Ectogemia : I thought ToN's track was pretty amazing, I would have easily lost to this. Awesome arrangement, really funky bass I just love that shit, clean incorporation of both themes, one of my favorite tracks of the competition so far. Ectogemia's track was good, I liked the scary ambience it had at some points. I thought the song was a bit too chaotic at parts for its own good. Overall it was a pretty good effort but ToN's track was just superior.

4-Trism vs Projectspam : Trism's track was pretty short, I was enjoying what you were doing with the song and the heavy metal theme, just needed a bit more polish. Projectspam's track was enjoyable. The prescence of the arpeggio gets a bit annoying after a while, and the transition at the middle was a bit jarring. The song is a bit muddy, but nothing that a bit of mixing and mastering can't fix. I'll go with ProjectSpam's on this one.

5-Amphibious vs Gario : Loving the lead and the arrangement on your track Amphibious. The bass keeps things interesting for the most part, good use of both themes. Gario's track was pretty awesome. The lead sometimes gets lost in the soundscape, but it's audible for the most part. Love how it gets demoscene-crazy towards the second half.

6-pixelwave: Gritty bass, I liked the changes on the armadillo motif, pretty funky stuff. The chill penguin part was pretty cool and I liked how you changed it but kept it recognizable.

7-Metal Man vs SilvermixSP : More mega man rock, I approve! I think the lead could've been mixed a little bit better so it can be heard a bit more over the chords. the transition mid-song was a bit medley-ish, but the solo section made up for it later on. Silvermix's song was a bit weird, the timing goes off at times, and the tones go a bit crazy at times. The storm owl theme needed more interpretation.

8-TheRexAsaurus: digging the electro intro, the hard panning was a bit too much. When it comes to panning you want to keep it subtle for main instruments in most cases, unless you do some stuff with the other instruments in the song to make up for the lost space in the middle or want to achieve some effect. The mix between the themes wasn't too bad.

As for my song, well, its LOUD. I usually listen to my finished works in different setups because I know my headphones understate the levels sometimes, but in this case I couldn't do so. Although the song is pretty short, its not incomplete, I thought I would keep it short for once and leave it at 2 min and a half since most of the times my songs go for twice as long as that. As for the arrangement the song started out pretty heavy on the EDM side but I found out this doesn't work very well for MMX themes, since they're all very rock-like with heavy solo parts, so I thought I would make it less dubstep/electro and make it rock more with modified versions of the solos and guitar-like wanking on the synths.

Anyhoo, good round everyone.

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Entry submitted! :-D

Well... after having about 5 different attempts pretty much "crash" (they either sounded downright depressing or just didn't work out -- the SNES soundfont mix was one of the former type), I finally just started "winging it" with any idea that came to my head... at 5:30 P.M. this Friday and finished just an hour ago...

... seems to be happening more often lately... a big mental block the entire week... suddenly get ideas on Friday... :?


I'm certainly looking forward to what everyone comes up with this week, and just as I said to AMT: Phonetic Hero, win or lose, it was an honor competing against you, good sir, and I'm looking forward to your entry! :grin:

Edit: Awesome job, Zero Bracket; loving the mixes! :D

Edit #2: Finished voting; some HARD decisions. :(

Edited by Mr. L
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Well, as promised, here's a decent sounding version of my mix:


Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/sir_nuts/sense-plan-and-act

Also, GG, Sir_NutS!

Sorry I couldn't deliver, guys... Maybe next time. Still, thanks for listening to my remix--that alone means plenty to me. :)

GG Pixelwave. But just because you lost doens't mean you didn't deliver, I actually liked how you changed the melodies but kept them recognizable. Pretty hard to do IMO.

I'm prepared to bring my A-Game for the next round!

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Ben, a note from Davy Jones for you: UNLEASH THE KRAKEN

Not sure when the whole "Oh hey it's 4 AM now FUCK YOU!!" thing happened, I think I hit a time rift or something. Finished my track, rendering and sendering. It's not up to where I want it to be, but I'll get it there before subbing... and I do intend to sub this one too, it's been insanely fun to write. I hope you all enjoy listening as much as I did arranging!

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I have turned in my song to darkesword, and it is titled "Damn Nature, You Scary!"

Just turned mine in a few minutes before the deadline. Can't wait to hear yours.

I've been awake for so long that I can't sleep!!

You and me both, lol. I ended up doing 80-90% of my remix this morning. I spent all week writing notation but never got enough in any particular direction to make a song out of it. But I had to turn in something, so late Saturday night/early this morning I decided to take whatever random fragments that seemed to sort of go together and cobbled them into something. Can't guarantee it's musically coherent, but at least it's longer than a minute this time.

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