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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2012


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I am so entering this.

I will edit this post with my selections but I AM SO IN.

1. spark mandrill (X)

2. sting chameleon (X)

3. magna centipede (X2)

4. flame mammoth (X)

5. wheel gator (X2)

sorry for dat lack of game variety. is it just me, or does the music kinda get worse from X3 on? I really had a hard time finding a song I liked from any of the later games...

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Great to have you on board. I enjoy your stuff!

Well thanks, man :)

I guess Boomer Kuwanger is kind of like the hot chick everyone asks to the prom.

Actually, I didn't really bother ranking mine. I just want to remix something. Boomer Kuwanger is the name I remember the most so it was the first to get listed lol

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Christ, with all these people asking for Boomer Kuwanger I have a feeling that Darke may need a 20 sided dice. :lol: Have we had more than 2 artists wanting the same theme before?

I think Will had to fight over Slash Beast last time, too (he lost out).

I think that was the only conflict. Boomer Kuwanger certainly didn't get the attention he's getting now.

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Really? I liked a lot of the themes of the later games as well. X6s OST was really good in some parts (except for the rip-off)

Some of the music is nice in the later games. Actually, since Will posted Izzy Glow as his third choice it reminded me how good his stage music was :) I still think as a whole the themes were catchier in the earlier X games. Kinda wished they were making more. X8 was a vast improvement upon its predecessor.

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